Add role menu to matchmaking

Don’t know why this hasn’t been suggested or thought of but the most annoying thing about matchmaking as a support is ending up in a party with another one or two supports and this can happen for the next 10 que’s that you do when using matchmaking

Sure, you can apply to a party finder group but there are picky stingy people out there who won’t accept you and even if you start your own group people might not apply either so you’re just sitting there wasting time

So add a role menu to matchmaking just like how League of Legends has where you can select the role you’re playing that way matchmaking won’t stick 2-3 supports in a party making it an instant quit dungeon, you could also apply this to PvP that way you don’t have 2 supports on the same team or a full team of supports

Given that it happens extremely rarely, I suppose it only does that when there is just no one else available. Otherwise the matchmaking seems to do a good job at picking max one support per group (two per raid) when there is a constant flow of players.

The population dwingling down will make it happen more often, but I guess such “Role” is already taken into account. The game knows that Pals and Bards are 99% support and the rest are damage