Add seperate mode for each raid for Bussing and Remove Titles/Achievements

Add a new tab mode for Bussing, for example Argos. Just add a “Tab” for “Bus Argos” let the Driver and Passengers do whatever the crap they want. Importantly remove "Achievements/ Titles for the Passenger. Bussing is curbing up new players who want to play the game the right way.

This is the only mmo where having “boss titles” are Useless, even when you earned them the right way.

Also put GS level Restriction Caps for Raids please!!! Will solve the mentally retarded “Gate keeping”.

Please i dont need opinions from whales and Elitists, since they dont suffer in this trash mmo.


This is not at all “the only mmo where having boss titles are useless” Bus’s are sold for pretty much every single mmorpg, and pilots are still sold for things that aren’t able to be done with a dead player. There is no mmorpg where this is not the case, you just see it more in Lost Ark because there are better places for these people to advertise (party finder)

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