Add the Battle Item QoL

So far in the global launch of the game we’ve received a lot of accelerated QoL which I’m very grateful for.

A big feature I’m excited for is the battle items change, where every item was given a small icon to show their type (grenade, bomb, potion). Another big thing is dark grenades got their own icon. It’a currently a pain because it’s the same icon as defense down (which I confuse with Gunlancer or other synergies).

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Proposed it in the last survey, I would love to have it implemented.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, Cracine. How would this positively impact your play?

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it impacts gameplay by allowing you to see the difference between debuffs on the boss. if you dump your burst on a boss but boss just has an armor destruction tripod on them and not the dark bomb you just lost a lot of damage and put yourself behind the dps check. also makes dark rotations in hell modes much much clear. debuffs that do not do the exact same thing should not have the same icon imo

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Sorry for the late reply.

I’m in the minority as a hell raider, but it would make dark bomb rotations easier. I often confuse the dark bomb debuff with Gunlancer’s defense down (both have the same icon) which mess me up.

Though I’m sure a majority of players would also appreciate this addition. Many players definitely use dark bombs in regular content, and I’m sure they face the same issue.

The other change giving a distinction between items helps massively when equiping items. I’m sure many players were surprised when they couldn’t bring pheromone bombs alongside corrosive bombs, despite them being able to bring dark grenades with either. The real world distinction between bombs and grenades isn’t very obvious, and the change would help players figure out which to bring on raids.

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Not a problem regarding your late reply. Thanks a bunch for your feedback.

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