Adding a new server region did nothing

So here we are again playing queue simulator in 17k queue’s on Central European region at 6pm CET, only a few days after the new EU West region has been released, you know what happened everyone doubled down and didn’t move because Lost Ark dev’s refused to implement a reasonable solution to this bullshit. Most of us are invested in our characters by now and we don’t want to start again because time is money. This ultimately proves that making new server regions alone does not work for Lost Ark in the West, it’s now devolved into a game of last man standing and in the coming weeks we will continue to see heavy queue times until the weak willed are forced to move, and thats not an enjoyable experience for anyone.

The dev’s know exactly what they need to do to resolve queue times once and for all by implementing server transfers or copy a guild wars 2 style of accessibility by letting accounts work across all servers within a region, instead of being locked to one. Everyone of us in the EU region needs to come together and unify in requesting a better solution to resolving server queues on the forums otherwise were stuck with their quite frankly cheap solution of buying more servers and hoping for the best.

Think of this post as you will, but consider creating a similar post to focus the Lost Ark dev’s attention on this pressing issue.

Adding the New region did alot. All people who created an account there can play without any problems, beside the Gold Selling Bots.

But yes, for EUC, it did nothing. At least the MM is working again, by limiting the active player count. But that increased the queue times even more. 7k at 11am.

Wbr, shnoopx

MM worked fine until around 2PM now it’s broken again - maybe little bit less broken, but still broken.