Adding functionality to macro text

Hi there,

My feedback is suggesting that AGS add the ability to get buff information and display it in macro text.

I play a bard. Currently when I cast Serenade of Courage my macro outputs the text “Attack power buff” regardless of how many bubbles are spent.

I would like to have text that is more informative. i.e. “Attack Power Buff 5% for 8 seconds” “Attack Power Buff 10% for 12 seconds” and “Attack Power Buff 15% for 16 seconds” depending on how many bubbles I spend when casting.

If we had a ‘getbuffinfo()’ or similar function we could achieve my desired result.

I realize that not every class could use this as a feature. I would find it incredibly useful for informing my party as to which buff they are getting from me at any given time.

I hate to @Roxx , but can you pass this request along to the devs and/or provide some feedback?

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Hello! Thanks for the feedback, having a greater freedom over text macros would be useful!

I’ll pass this on to the team.

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