Adding mat is nice, but if people can't upgrade because of gold

I am afraid that will bring a lot of player to buying from gold seller, and its a problem, gold seller are here because people buy.

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Gold sellers are here because people dont want to put in the time and effort to making alts to make gold.
Then proceed to complain about a roster based game not providing enough gold.


making effort or don’t have the time ?

Better work and turn irl money into gold to be honest.

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people who work wont have the time for alts. worse is the character bound mats. in an alt driven game


gold is an issue if ur buying all the materials to upgrade but if u farm the mats and only pay the gold it cost to upgrade u should be fine, if u still have gold issues u simply are not putting any effort into making gold, getting 1340 alts shouldn’t be that difficult and will net u a good amount of weekly gold

typical take, blame the players for a situation the company created.

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I work and manage just fine.

What “situation” are you referring to

If you don’t have gold to upgrade you aren’t putting in the effort to get gold.

Or they spend all their gold on accessories. I’m baffled how many people spend all their gold to get 3333 engravings on their 1340 or 1370 and then whine that they don’t have anything left to hone with.

start banning gold buyers and problem solve,
We will be getting less bots since the demand will drop

Firstly. Reduced gold cause issue in progression and the economy.
Secondly. Creating plenty of alts to feed your main is like sign for plenty of extra jobs to keep your actual entertainment/hobby/business alive. It is totally waste of time. I have a main and 2 different class alts to play with them and entertain myself. Playing a game is not a business to me. My main is 1398, my alt is 1340 (the other alt just started), And why I’m still not 1400+? Because I had to move to EUW (I play from west Europe, so was obvious)
Thirdly, are you seriously think that the gold seller businesses have absolutely no relation to the devs who created a game??? So, let’s see. You’re a game developer company that wants to make a good game and at the same time make plenty of money. And then you noticed that some businesses were created to sell the game coins to your player. I bet you got furious (furious why is this option not come from your think tank team. ) You have two options: You do everything to wipe this company out from the market or you acquire the company all at once and continue the business.
Or, the whole business is actually yours because your think tank is smart enough to suggest starting.
And the last: There are many players who are newbies or just don’t know what is a gold seller and never heard of that. If your business has a secret gold seller business, you only need to put the RMT warning to your game principles to make sure they will know there is the option.

the only time i ever ran out of gold was when i went on a mari shopping spree

never from honing

if you have no gold you are either pushing further than 1445 or you are not farming gold

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I work 40 hours a week. It takes 2 hours of playtime to do all the daily stuff on 5 of my alts. The time-consuming stuff like questing, Abyss dungeon, Abyss raid etc I do on the weekend. And I still have spare time to play some PvP. It’s all about time management.

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yes i’m not FARMING GOLD, i don’t play 8 characters each days, blame me.

Just 2 characters every 3 days in a roster of 6 is largely enough and takes about 1h30 of daily activities.

6x2 Abyssal Dungeons at 1340 for gold takes about 4-5h per week depending on group.

So for about 15h a week once setup, you get near maximum mats and gold income.

Gotta work for the gold