Adding more Daily repeatable content for players to do on their main

Stoopzz brought up on his podcast that Lost Ark lacks replayability on your main character
and coming from a player with 6 characters that plays pretty often I do agree

I just wanna be super upfront, I understand that the game currently in the west is not the same as KR/RU and that once we are caught up with all the honing changes/material generation/legion Raids/etc we will have a full stacked roster that will be doing Raids all week long, and that is great

sounds like a great time, but I think the argument of wanting to play your main character more is a sound one, just using me as an example I main Deadeye, and I have a variety of alt classes, and obviously I picked classes I enjoy but there are times when I log on to my main(who has the most investment currently interims of gear/gems/engravings/etc) and have a blast doing my daily guardians/chaos/world events/dailies/etc

but then im done, thats like 1 and half hours of content daily, and if it’s on a weekly reset with Argos/Valtan add maybe an extra 6 hours(just because Valtan is rather new but once ppl get better at Valtan that’s like maybe only an extra 2 hours)

and yes I understand once we are caught up I will have a ton of Legion Raids weekly to do on my Deadeye(total of 3 weekly) so that sounds great, but ultimately once we get those raids down and ppl get better at it those will also be done in a few hours(im assuming just from watching KR players)

and once that’s done my main is pretty much on a daily hour of play time for just Chaos/Guardians/etc and then after that obviously I go and do those Raids on Alts again which is great but I feel like Lost Ark could do more to allow ppl to play their main, ppl love the character that they have chosen to main, I love deadeye, and some weeks I just don’t want to stop playing him, but ultimately theres only so much I can do on my main which is a bummer.

my recommendations to maybe fixing this issue is

  • incorporating some sort of WoW Mythic+ style Abyssal Raid with scale of balance so it’s easy to tune the fights.

an example of this could be they add affixes to the current Abyssal Raids that ramp up to a certain number lets say 25, and make it a time trial just like WoW and you get a Abyssal Raid Key per week that you have to level up to a certain number lets say 10 as an example,

and you scale the rewards to how high of a key you get at the end of the week, rewards could be Gold/mats/and those free upgrading tokens/etc

this would allow ppl to play their main daily beyond just chaos/guardians.

  • Allowing your alt’s to give your main their weekly lockouts

so as an example lets say I do all 3 of my raids for the week on my main, a friend who couldn’t play till the end of the week logs on on their main and wants to raid with me I cant, because I had done my raids earlier in the week, but with this system I could now just give my lockout’s from my alt to my main and now I can do them on my main.

now the issue I could see with this is that ppl could abuse this to make more gold by having their main at a high ilevel then using their low ilevel alts to give their main more HM runs for more gold, but id say to that I don’t think that’s much of an issue considering the game has seemingly pretty good gold sinks

or they could just lessen the gold on repeat runs if you use this system, I don’t actually know the gold gains, but lets say 3 HM runs raids nets you 15k gold, but then if you use this system the game will scale the gold generation down to 9k gold, obviously they would have a better idea of how much gold to gain.

but I don’t know if not more daily content from a mythic+ system atleast allow us to raid more often with our Main, I would take less gold just to be able to have more fun on my main.

I think the importance of having more to do daily on mains should be expanded upon, and I don’t want something like more horizontal islands and stuff like that, I want more engagine challenging content to do daily,

I liked logging wow during Legion and even tho we had totally different raiding schedules I could run mythic+ dungeons with friends anytime any day of the week and it was fun challenging engaging content to do that wasn’t just raiding.

feel free to disagree with my suggestions but definitely would like to hear some of your ideas on how to get more engaging content to do daily on our mains, I love Deadeye and doing Valtan was soooo much fun, but now im just doing my daily routine of chaos/guardians(which is fun but no point in running beyond 2 the daily amount) which at this point on weekly resets if I combine my daily+ weekly content I can get like 7+ hours with Argos/Valtan but without my weekly content, I get like maybe an hour and a half of daily play time on my main, which is sad,

after I finish doing my weekly stuff on my alt’s and have nothing to do on my main I literally find myself just doing guardians for fun sometimes, which is fun, but ultimately not rewarding.