Adding Yoz JAr (gold sink)

Just add yoz’s jar, its a massive gold sink, it will help the economy, it will populate the game with several new rng skins, and it will NOT gatekeep anyone. the measly % main stat they give is not even visible and if you have 5 engravings and correct stats, no one will care if you have the orange skin for clown

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It has nothing to do with the dmg buff on the skins. You think a game that allowed you to power hone like 175 ilvl above available content right from launch cares that you could get a minor 1-2% DMG buff and consider that to P2W?

Yoz ran up against something, be it regional laws someplace or disallowed them from publishing in a region, or continued to remain published. So they cut it.

They didn’t try to tinker with it, or make it so you could buy the skins elsewhere. If/When they get around whatever is legally holding back it’s release it will be in the very next patch.

Outside of this, the game is simply better without a Gacha Loot Box system anyway.


it has good skins which is the purpose so yeah just add it

people don’t wanna play the wish verison on the game

It was just the backlash against Diablo Immortal at the time. Amazon got scared, Smilegate denied their requests to change it, so now we have no direction and abysmal communication as usual. As you say, there’s plenty of other gambling mechanics in the game, and in particular, ones you can pay for with real money. Those things haven’t been removed, so there’s certainly no legal issue.

Fuck no.


pretty sure those people asked to removed Yor’s Jar quitted the game already , there are no reason to hold it back

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Most likely. Or they finally made to the end game where Yoz Jar is actually a cheaper power upgrade option.

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How is yoz jar a gold sink?

I thought it all uses skins you dismantle to roll yoz jar which if i recall correctly does not delete gold.

Yoz = More RMT so no . They gotta fix a lot of stuff before accepting “suggestions or QoL”. They gotta rid of bots/rmters and hell fixing the hit indicators colors.

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no thanks … i rather through an event that i have some control on what im getting
The rng in this game is insane to put damage buff behind gold sink crap
i have been trying to get my omni star for 3 months … just got it yesterday … JUST YESTERDAY . AGAIN no thanks we have enough RNG to drive us insane .

We are definitely need more rng for wasting money :smiley:

Just add a gambling machine to the game. It will be good for the health of the game. Its not gonna ruin it more. Trust me.
Such a smart, healthy idea.

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I wouldnt mind yoz jar if it wasnt as expensive

i never thought people think buying Yoz jar with real life cash = gold sink lol. There is actually no sink other than offering more revenue to AGs or SG. Gold is not deleted, just get more circulated lolz.


Yoz’s Jar cannot be added to the game at this point(and was not added previously) since it’s now open to The Netherlands where lootboxes of that specific kind are illegal.

I agree that we should push to have those skins added but Yoz’s Jar is off the table.

Unless yoz jar makes whales convert more of their crytals for gold it ain’t gonna do jack.
Why do you think the crystal prices are so messed up right now?Because whales are buying gold directly from gold sellers or straight up selling costumes instead of using the gold conversion.Aka bypassing the whole system enitrely.

At best yoz jar will only cater to whales who can just spend more of their irl money to generate more gold by again,bypassing the system entirely.

If anything the prices of costumes might go up more because whales will be dismantling any costumes low in price in an effort to distinguish themselves from the plebs (as whale like to do since money is all they have)

GJ you did nothing but add an rng lootbox for whales.That’s it.They are still not contributing anything to the game but they can further inflate prices of costumes because they are dismantling anything low in price.

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