Additional Platinum Founders Pack, NOT DELIVERED YET!

I haven’t received my additional founder’s pack since February 18th. The Community Managers opened a thread on the forums and simply abandoned it, no feedback was given in weeks, they don’t answer anything and the CS doesn’t have answer, nor estimative or even if anyone is even looking into the problem! V527139206

Today I reached out through the chat and I was informed by an agent that could barely speak English that my ticket was closed because, somehow, I deleted the indestructible additional founder’s pack on my end, which could only make sense, because, why not delete your 100$ pack, right? We all swim in money. Also, why would I reach out practically everyday after deleting the pack that I CERTAINLY received, right? It all just make sense.

This is my interaction with 2 agents:

Me [11:39:31 PM] : I just received a reply that they CLOSED it saying that it was deleted on my end.
Me [11:39:31 PM] : :slight_smile:
Me [11:39:44 PM] : That’s why I’m reaching out, for the 1000th time.
Me [11:39:55 PM] : KARTHIK [11:30:29 PM] : They are mentioned that the pack has been deleted and they are unable to send a new one
Me [11:39:55 PM] : KARTHIK [11:30:52 PM] : As this is a automated to send everyone.
Me [11:39:55 PM] : KARTHIK [11:32:10 PM] : They say it is deleted from your end.
Johnny B. [11:40:17 PM] : Thanks, Matheus.
Johnny B. [11:40:25 PM] : In that case, we can’t do anything.
Johnny B. [11:40:36 PM] : We can’t restore items that have been deleted.
Me [11:40:57 PM] : Again… why in the world would I contact for 30 days straight if I ever received this? Let alone have DELETED by myself?°
Johnny B. [11:41:21 PM] : Thanks, Matheus. I have seen your previous chat now.
Johnny B. [11:41:32 PM] : And the previous agent has informed you of the above.
Johnny B. [11:41:52 PM] : I have seen your messages as well to the agent.
Me [11:42:06 PM] : and as I have told you, and the OTHER agent, I have NOT RECEIVED THE PACK, how in the fucking world would I have DELETED SOMETHING THAT I HAVEN’T RECEIVED.

@Roxx @Sandovall @Shadow_Fox

Still nothing!

@Roxx why can’t you even provide a feedback? It’s been 18 DAYS from your message. Are we just a joke to you? That you get to pick what you are answering instead of being impartial and helping people with their issues? What was the point of the thread that has been going on for a whole month without answer?

@Roxx @Sandovall @Shadow_Fox @Seawolf

@Roxx @Sandovall @Shadow_Fox @Seawolf

Can you please either resolve this or ban my account? I’m way too exhausted by this situation, this is really frustrating and is affecting my mental health.

You don’t want to help, it’s fine, please help me getting the game out of my system.