Additional Powerpass clarification

So the pass lasts until the end of June and we have clarification that we will not get another pass for destroyer. Thank you for the communication on that.

However, we still have a blind spot. We have June’s class release (assuming there is one). One pass that potentially covers 3 class releases. I appreciate @Roxx clearing up the destroyer part but it’s probably a good idea to get a yes/no now on June to prevent more raging when people inevitably use their pass on destroyer vs saving it for June’s class.

In other words, I’d like to avoid the same mistake so hopefully people can decide whether they want to use or hold, once again. I feel like the answer will be the same but transparency on this I feel should be pretty easy.

Something tells me if she didn’t know until today whether we’d have a destroyer power pass, it’s even less likely she knows whether we’ll have a June/July/whatever powerpass.

Would be nice to know one way or another though.

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I got a strong feeling we’re not getting another pass for June class either since Feiton Pass’s expiry date was set to expire end of June. Can’t be unintentional right?

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We may not even get another class for June. People keep saying “one class per month” but that’s not been confirmed at all.

EDIT: That said, it does raise the issue of needing a roadmap ASAP, because if we are getting a class in June and no power pass, people want to know sooner rather than later if they need to table the one they hopefully didn’t already use.

If you’re a Summoner or Arcana main, I would definitely save the Feiton powerpass.

Agreed, and if thats how the SG/AGS team decides to communicate then maybe this will push for earlier communication. TBH though I feel like players have a much better case for requesting details on how these passes will work going forward. It’s not nearly as unreasonable as people demanding class release breakdowns or 6-12 month roadmaps etc.

Yea, I’m actually saving the Feiton Pass and Super Express in hopes that Summoner comes in June but I won’t hold my breath.

If Summoner doesn’t come in June, I really have no idea who to use the Feiton Pass and Super Express on, it feels like such as waste that I am forced to use it on a class which I am not interested it. Power Passes shouldn’t even have an expiry date, there’s just no reason for it.

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Yea thats what im afraid of. This whole time i’ve only been interested in maining destroyer and arcana. It’s gonna be unfortunate for some people who miss the cutoff to get a pass because they want to stick to a powerpass per 3 month cadence. Personally… I think they should be given with each class release. It’s not like they are losing money since they aren’t in the shop… and the downside is resentment, regret, and confusion in the community.

I know its same for me I had a bunch of character slots that I don’t know what to do with them besides waiting for the classes I’m interested in. I’m waiting for Arcana because they have a unique playstyle for a mage class will be a fun alt class to have and Destroyer will be my main.

Another hour another powerpass post

Big life decision

We have the increased pace of everything being on a quick schedule but somehow SG arrived at the grand decision that giving the same number of power passes as all the regions before is too much? Based on what.

We get the inferior product in this case, bravo AGS, as usual a joke.

Let me put on my tinfoil hat. Okay… here we go.

Feels like we’re in a social experiment where SG is using LA NA/EU to test how westerners will react certain degree of p2prog, drip feeding, class imbalance and such.