Adrinne server dailies and weekly are completed but its reset day

Why are some of my legion raids and una dailies/guardians and chaos are completed but I havent done anything at all ?


Why isnt this issue being brought up more ? Or this is only a server thing ? What the fuck is happening to this game.

I’ve been having this issue since last week and sad to see it’s continuing this week. There’s a larger thread around it, but the lack of communication makes me pessimistic:

“we’ll look into it” is the only communication

It should be fixed around the time disconnects are

Legion raids shouldn’t be an issue. Just a UI bug, but I was still able to have entry into the raid. Own experience so far with it and still got my 6 roster lock gold with it. At first I was like “fk is my gold gone for the week” but all still went fine.


Okay… hell of a first for me and I don’t know what to say. I hope you get your entry back soon. Luckily it is still fresh of the week so you could have some hope. :thinking:

This game is literally falling apart I have never seen anything this bad, at least Cyberpunk glitches and bugs on release were funny and entertaining.

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