Advance My Scrapper or Wardancer?

Taij Scrapper @ 1472.5
Eso Wardancer @ 1472.5

Ready to take the next step and hone to 1490, but which would be wanted in raids more?


Wardancer due to buff’s


I love both class really much but if I had to choose between 2 equivalent in PF I’d go with Wardancer for synergy


You should help me advance my class.

should try all both 1/2 spender eso and 4 spender before you hone wardancer if you go with that.
1/2 spender is rly boring and the dmg is also horrible with no real gain by playing good, meanwhile 4 spender is actually fun and you have potential to do way more dmg also.

If you go with Eso Wardancer id recommend going for hallu builds at that point, there are a lot of options for Eso anyways.

3 Spender builds are pretty good at that point.

4 Spender can be nuts but require really good gear and are harder to perform on.

Wardancer. One of the most sought out classes in raids and wont get gatekept like other DD’s would

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An additional Note for Wardancer:

I dont know how long you have been playing her so here are a few things you need in order to execute Eso builds properly:

Tripods at 5 and a lot of em. Particularly gainer Tripods.

At least 1 legy and 1 epic wealth rune.

A few CD gems at at least 7.

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That dont matter u know why
Because nobody is going to invite you since u will be only 1490

A: How does that comment help Here in any way?
B: Plenty of 1+2 groups with 1490-1500 chars If you have a good build.

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1551 Wardancer main here and just like the guy above says, if you don’t gear up your wardancer well she will perform real shit. I disliked my main until bracelet because she was doing really bad. With the tripod patch she started doing fine. I am playing 3 spender esoteric hallucination build. Would NEVER recommend playing 2 spender dominion. If you want to play dominion play FI.

Taij is cheaper
WD has more depth and way more builds to play.

I main WD so I would be bias, WD is not a good class for an ALT, its very hungry for gear, and the better you are the more mana issues you will have even on eso.
Yes you can take manaregen tripod and lower your dps but lets be real… this tripod should be baseline… You can always go 3spender hallu what makes WD rly fun but but but, you will need atleast 80-90quality items and initial investments into tripods for meter gain. There is also legendary op as F 4spender but dont get me wrong, It is broken, legit broken but it requires alot of things to do before you can even start playin it - like DB Striker you will need wealths lvl5 tripods on orbgeneration pretty good quality on accesory and alot of gamesense to actually stick to boss ass when you have almost no swiftness and no movement skills.

Both class have no problem getting to pugs, both are pretty good for busing.