Advance PvP already


can we finally get a better version of PvP already? This “Equalized” shit plays awefull.
You can equalize people by giving them various opportunities about building.

Release PvP Gear we can choose from in Book of Coordination. Increase the Statpoints from 1000 to 2000. Give us 4x3 Engraving points (so 12 Engraving Points WE can choose how to use), give us 75 Tripot points we can use how to use. (every level of a tripot need 1 point, so to get all 8 skills on max tripot you would need 8x3x5 = 120 tripot points).
Give us Lv 5 Gems which we can use how WE want. But PLEASE.
This version of PvP is utterly garbage. Some classes starts to play well once they got stuff. Your equalizing thing doesn’t work for some classes.

PvP for now is completely unpopular, and maybe it is because the balance is shit and the classes feels absolutely bad.

Advance it.


You don’t have this stuff for decoration.


No thanks, the stats and equalization are good as they are now. I would prefer they focus on MMR and matchmaking improvements instead of adding balancing issues. They hardly do pvp balance patches so i am against adding pvp gear , more stats, engravings and gems in pvp, this will make the balance harder to do and will make it worse in my opinion.

Could you give an example example please?

Bro what. There are so many classes out there which are close to be unplayable in this game and you are against changes? Do you realize that close to NOONE plays PvP? Because it feels and is trash.
You play a ungeared character that only has basic skills. EVERYONE playing the same shitty build and all that counts is stupid CC.

The whole PvP System needs a whole upgrade. There are reasons why people hate playing alts. Because they are ungeared and make no fun. This is like playing PvP. Ungeared and no fun.

Could you give an example example please?

Sharpshooter. This Class plays utterly garbage in PvP and is ranked on any Tierlist below everyone else. This class need a huge buff, completely rework on PvP skills or the PvP itself has to improve.

People don’t like PvP in Korean games because it is trash.
PvP itself is insanely fun. Its time that they put atleast a bit effort in it.

There are 0 classes which are unplayable, and all are represented in top 200 in my region, so please dont over exaggerate stuff. No i am not against changes i am against the ones you suggested, because i believe they will make pvp even more unbalanced.

There are many things which can be improved and changed but equalization is not one of them in my opinion.

SS is very very good in 1v1 and not that effective in 3v3 so it could definitely be buffed a bit, but as i said every class is represented in top 200 so the difference between the best classes and the “worse” is not that big as people are trying to make it look like in my opinion.

The classes are not balanced around compositions which lead to unfair matches, thats why i would suggest they improve the MM or implement something as Solo Shuffle which will improve that.

Most of the people are leaving pvp because of the mmr and match making and we are asking for improvements on that from long time.

Totally agree, just i dont agree with adding engravings, gems and gear in the pvp for me they should stay out of pvp.

I respectfully disagree. Many people leave PvP because of the balancing. Mages, DB, Berserker dominating. Other classes are medio - bad.
It makes no fun playing ungeared classes at all.
It makes no fun not being able to move for an eternity.
It makes no fun, that you need to work way harder to apply the same amount of dmg than other classes can apply by just face rolling over the keyboard.

There are many problems. Matchmaking and unfair Teams are one Problem. Balancing is a very big other problem.
Open more variabilitys in builds, adding the possibility of Defensive options, supportive options, high dmg options. Giving more stats to make Swiftness/crit/Experience/Domination builds work, is an option.
Giving tripots so some skills start to work, is an option… and so on.

In PvE, there are some classes that relies on Relic gear and relic accessory (statwise) to become good / makes fun to play. What makes you think, that this shifts in PvP?

Playing the copy paste version of everyone else is insanely boring. More diversity brings more fun.

Unfortunately most people find pvp awful and Smilegate isn’t going to do anything about it so it seems

Fun is subjective. But i can agree that more diversity in build would be nice, just i dont agree to add that diversity by adding pve stuff as engravings and gems. They can achieve more diversity in other ways.

Many of them dont know how to deal with CC and SA which is understandable, the way pvp is designed is not for everyone and it is a niche. Berserker is not dominating anything it just have high representation because its a fairly easy class to play, but in terms of competative 3v3 its average.
Sorc and db are definitely annoying to deal with and specially the sorc slow fall bug really need to be fixed, but in general they are fine maybe they need a small adjustments but nothing crazy in my opinion and as i said i believe much more people leave because of matchmakiing, lack of team Q and grindy mmr

Game feels unbalanced because classes are not balanced around compositions and you are with a random composition thats why implementing something as solo Shuffle will be very good for the game in my opinion.

So i definitely agree with you that pvp needs work and could be improved a lot, just i disagree with engravings , gems and gear this is a hard no for me personally, but that ofcourse is just my opinion. I mean no disrespect at all to you and in my opinion such discussions are good.

just i dont agree to add that diversity by adding pve stuff as engravings and gems.

What makes you think that Engravings are PvE Stuff? There are PvP Engravings aswell. Strong Will f.E. Master of Escape, Broken Bone, Shield Piercing, Fortitude, Emergency Rescue and so on.

Engravings is a part of the game not just for PvE.

About the sets: They wouldn’t be like the PvE version, more like a PvP version f.E.: Giving +20% tankiness, +15% cc duration increase, -60% dmg (as a tank/cc set)

+30% Dmg, Ignore 15% of enemy defense, receive +30% more dmg.

Decrease Cooldowns by 15%, increase Shields applied to allies +20%, increase speciality meter +20% (+50% if an ally got shielded)

and so on. The numbers, effects and stats should be completely overthinked and balanced but just as an idea how it would look.

For now, the PvP system is pretty boring and many people share this opinion, otherwise we would see way more people pvping.
The only reason why PvP isn’t dead, is that it gives leapstones. Would be better if they start to overthink PvP at all and find a way to make it fun.

GvG for example is pretty fun, since you finally be able to play your build and your class how you want.

But idk, I wont play any more pvp outside of the weekly quest. My Sharpshooter makes no fun in this mode and it really makes me upset.

thats how i view them man, thats why i said its just my opinion. For me personally everything which is just passive % buffs of dmg is a PvE thing. I am against them i dont like engreavings in general and i dont want to see them in pvp, because as i said in my opinion they will make the balancing a nightmare. Passive increases is not what makes game diverse in my opinion and in order to have a nice diverse pvp you need different active skill mechanics not passive % buffs on different effects or dmg.

The class engravings change the playstyle of a class, but they are not balanced around pvp and in my opinion it would be nightmare to do so, so that is why i dont like the idea.

As we said multiple times there are many pvp problems, and people are leaving for different reasons. Some dont like how CC, SA works, others dont like top down camera, other dont like the mmr , other dont like Match making, other prefer teamQ , other dont like the diversity … many many different reasons. I advice they start to focus on things which can more objectively improve pvp than subjective stuff as this. Of course some people like the idea of engravings, gems and so on and thats perfectly fine , just i am not among them and there are many like me , but improving the MMR and Match making is something which most if not all agree that need to be fixed so i would advice they focus on that first before anything else.

GvG would be very very good if it was not whales wars. GvG is not a competitive mode , because its very very very unbalanced because of the gems, engravings, gear differences and so on, thats why i dont play it. I am also advocating for making 6v6 permanent and also making ranked 6v6 Co-Op because many people prefer objective driven pvp instead of Arena/kill driven.(In which SS is quite good to be honest)

So in summery i would like them to focus more on the stuff which more objective will improve as MMR , Matchmaking i didnt even saw a single person actually defending this 2 systems which leads me to believe that they are common denominator of the pvp community and should be prioritized.