Advanced Raid Matchmaking System

I think this would be a huge improvement to the game for high difficulty content that requires specific class-makeup to properly clear, especially at entry/recommended item level.

Right now, we have a drought or lack of support players and they are almost impossible to find unless you already know them beforehand or they are in your guild, for the highest difficulty content like Valtan Hard. Personally, I already found a group and cleared it myself, but there are many people I see that are hopeless in finding a group due to this issue.

Why not create an advanced matchmaking system in addition to the current Party Finder system? Basically, a step further to the matchmaking system which is completely random, vs a completely manual process of creating a group. Using an automated matchmaking system, but allowing you to set certain conditions, like what classes you want to match with. For example, most commonly known, 2x support + 6x dps. Maybe allow you to set minimum item level to match with? I think that is simple enough to create and would help tremendously and would make a lot of the harder content not become gated or impossible to find groups with unless you have a dedicated static raid, and allows a more viable way of pugging the game, even as a solo player for example.

As a general update idea it’s not bad at all. As a solution to the support drought? It wouldn’t do a thing. But I’m not sure if you were referring to that.