Adventure Island Claimed After Leaving Due to Impossible Objective

How is this appropriate? Forpe’s boss regenerates. Got in soon before it closed and there was only TWO of us because of how it creates new instances. Literally can’t damage him fast enough with only two people, he’s back to full as soon as we’re chickens again. So, we leave, and IT’S FUCKING CLAIMED? There needs to be some serious reworking on how entering timed and otherwise daily/weekly content like this is concerned. Leaving because it can’t be done, or leaving unwittingly due to a bug or disconnect from server, should never, ever mark it as complete. I’ve had guild members screwed out of abyssal rewards thanks to disconnects and there’re plenty of other threads complaining about claims without the rewards happening.

This is stupendously frustrating. The game actively punished us for playing it. This needs fixing and a means of compensation for others similarly affected to be figured out and provided because no one should lose out on progress or rewards thanks to the design of the game’s very systems failing. If this were almost any other island, it could have been completed, too, albeit slowly. I cannot believe how absofuckinglutely pissed off this has made me. NOT fun rushing here after work only to be shat on by such a stupid and long since documented oversight.