Adventure Island timer is incorrect

Hey team of Lost Ark,

I just want to share that the timer for the adventure Island is off by an hour.

Event starts at 21:00 but at 20:58 f.ex. it shows it starts in 01:02:00

Please fix that. :slight_smile:

Thanks <3



Yea notice this aswell, timer is off by 1 hour.

Pls fix this!

still happening. The island is already “spawning”


I see the same, alarm timer and timer shown in the adventure are different

still bugged

still bugged

still bugged

und @Maselbart leider betrifft dies sehr wohl EU (Central in meinem Fall) bitte schau dir das nochmal genau an und gib Leuten nicht die falsche Info, dass dies EU nicht betrifft - zudem hatte es den Fehler bereits gegeben dann wurde er behoben und nun seit dem letzten Update tritt er erneut auf!

Bitte @Maselbart tu uns den Gefallen und schreibe keine falschen Infos in einen Post auf den auch niemand antworten kann. Du bist neu daher möchte ich dies als Tipp geben also noch viel Erfolg als CM. :slight_smile:

Still bugged because on my PC it was 13:00 (germany CEST) but no island appeared.

It can’t be that Amazon nor SG gives a shit of correctly shown timezones because it must be either that timezone where the player lives in with automatic adjustment to his local time or it must be stated clearly that UTC is used so that we can all do simple math by adding/subtracting the hours to our local time.

But displaying false CET within the game and while hovering over them shows unrelevant UTC values which are false because EU Central has now +2h because of summer time, no shown time is trustable not even these for Island Spawn times!

This must be fixed NOW!!!