Adventure Islands MAJOR BUG! 3 weeks without any help

Why is this ignored ? Did u guys nerf adventure islands on the weekends and wont say ? 2+ weeks, 3rd weekend with lost adventure islands loot. This is a major bug thats been around for past 4 updates/patches/hotfixes and is not fixed. Even more, its not even ACKNOWLEDGED. Probably this weekend will be lost loot as well since u wont fix it over the weekend and since u guys dont even see this posts probably next thursday mainteance will go by without fixing it. Can we alteast get some info. Was it changed? U guys working on it? Do u guys know it exists for more than 2 weeks?

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bump cause its not fixed

Came here again, third week in a row, to bump this topic.

Thank you for this thread,

I’ve passed this bug on to the team.


oh god we did it after 3 weeks of making threads we got a reply! Thanks!