Adventure islands shouldn't consume your entry if quests fail to start due to insufficient players

Arrived late for opportunity island, got on it and ended up in an instance with one other player.

The coop quest failed to start and said it needed at least 3 participants in order to trigger. That’s absolutely fair enough really, it would be dumb to have a top 3 fishing competition with only 2 players.

Buuuut being on that failed instance of opportunity island still consumed my daily entrance to adventure islands whilst giving 0 chances of rewards. Which just isn’t fair.


Agreed, they should change that.

I also think that these islands should be able to be done multiple times a day since they only spawn a few times anyways, or at min on alts 1 time as well. The rewards are nothing amazing compared to any of the other islands imo, so gating them like this just seems cruel and prevents you from enjoying something more, and with friends who may be on different schedules.