Adventure Tome Completion RNG

How can RNG be so messed up? Tried to do the “Bloody Fist” Adventure tome item, where you have to open some wine from merchant, after 2700 bags still no item, spent 1m silver and still nothing.

we all went through this suffer. :slight_smile:

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You get used to it

Oh no, it’s too messed up omg, i spent 1m silver


Still much better than Yorn ones since here at least you are limited just by the amount of silver you have.

it was my last 1m silver :smiley:

It gets worse.

It’s sad for you, Lopang is your best friend then

yea, but the issue is that I have alts but I don’t like playing alts, did 95% of my gear progression without alts and almost all items are 100% artisan

lopang takes 2min per alt and its free silver. if you would have had 20mil silver this post wouldnt even exist

wait till u got to do south vern… and getting bananas in punika …

at least those are guaranteed items at 1mS in southvern, already bought those, the frustration comes from being unlucky at RNG

May the Lopang army of Alts revive your silver!

Only 2,7k? Tragic.

I thought i had Bad RNG.
Well but the one on Tortoyk i was so lucky, that i got hated on.

Yeah shouldn be so scammy. But its not the end of the World.

Idk, did it last week, i cycled through the 2 apes close to each other took me around 1h-1h30 O.o

But, since i do all Life Skill each week in Punika, its just how crazy rare the last “drop” Adventure Item is, i have finished anything which can drop, except the last one, that is 2/3. And i made tons of Money from duplicates.

my character always had bad RNG, while my friend, who started playing with me at same time, one tapped gear, i’ve went to 100% artisan with most my of my gear, and i don’t really play alts to boost my main, i like the game and i don’t want this to become a second job.

100 more and it dropped.

Then why putting your last ressources into something that will not even give you more power ? You lost me there dude

If you want the best rng possible, farm yearning and see if you can get the orb within 1k hours doh.


That was in February where 2,3M silver was still a decent amount. Wait until you start working on Yorn :wink:

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