Adventure's Island - Can do only one among six : Bug or Bad concept?


I don’t know if it is a bug. When you do one adventure’s island scheduled, it desactivate reward for 5 others island in the day.
For example, i do event on Harmony Island at 11:00 am (Today) and i can’t do Tranquil Island and Asura Island. Moreover it desactivate reward for 3 other adventure’s island later in the same day : Forpe, Blue Hole Island and Medeia.

So i agree that a coop event can be done once per day. But if people have a time to play on weekend, he will be able to do only one island among 6 island appeared one or two times per week. These island give reward to player randomnly. With bad luck and only few hour to play, player will despise the game.

I want to bump this, as I understand it we should be able to do 2 adventure islands on the weekends, one from each set. And this has been the case since launch, until the patch on Thursday. But yesterday, i.e. Saturday, I could only get the reward from one island. Nothing about this was mentioned in the patch notes, and there are still two sets of three islands during the weekends, so it looks like a bug.

Thanks. I hope they will fix during next patch. :slight_smile: