Advice on how to consistently get back attack

Any tips on how to properly back attack? I main GS so I’ve never really had to worry about the positional requirement and I’ve been having trouble with back attacking on my Shock Scrapper and Surge DB. I kind of feel like I’m always chasing the tail of the monster. Any advice?

idk about shock scrapper but on deathblade its very easy if you dont use your dark axel for no good reason, its better to cast your surge generating skills without back attack if you have to due to boss movement but keep the dark axel so you can get the surge from back attack, since surge is the biggest chunk of your damage you have to play for that one hitting the back attack and obviously try with the other spells too but if u cant keep it up on them its not nearly as bad, also you do have 3x spincutter which you can use to spin around the boss while still getting stacks since it hits in a fairly big aoe, dont just spam the spincutter staying in the same spot most of the time

unfortunately it’s some time until you get used to it, my biggest tip is to get used with the boss normal patterns, and get used to the duration of the animations. you have to know the duration so you know if its worth to walk to the back, etc

you will you get used to it! I guess it’s a skill when you learn the boss, for instance I’ve gotten so better doing back attacks on yoho

For surge deathblade your spin cutter is extremely usefull and you must use it every 9 secs to keep your 9% extra back attack buff damage up.

Just learning boss patterns you will kinda know when it turns. Is a matter of learning the fight but like at prediction lvl learning

Yea I guess thats one of the reasons for sure, When i was doing Yohos on my GS, Deadeye, and Sorc I don’t really have to worry about chasing the tail and just play piano with my skills lol

you didnt back attack with deadeye ?

I use the pistoleer engraving! So yes I do back attack but I don’t really need to rely on them as much.

well anyway, you just have to get used to the boss pattern from every boss, soon or later u know everything and u dont struggle anymore to back attack.

For all back attackers:

DONT think that you have to go for full combo. Yes try to do as much as you can but focus on landing main skills on the back like Deathrattle.

On scrapper you have 2 dashes and 4 sec gapcloser skill that you can use to reposition fast.

This is why I hate playing notes. Who do back attack all the time there is always that teammate who goes for a walk with the boss in the park and dances with him

This has been a big problem on all regions.
Koreans have complained about it a lot since Abrelshud Legion Raid release, because it is just too much effort to get the back attacks done in many situations. The bosses teleport around like overly energetic children :rofl: combine that with random aggro changes leading to the bosses turn around.

I struggle a bit aswell, but the more experience I get in a specific fight, the easier it becomes to get the right timing for back attacks. Also the knowledge of AI moves can help you prepare to where the boss will have it’s butt faced at next.

Stand behind the Boss


This made me laugh more than it should have even though it was a douchey comment.

Knowing the attack patterns and animations, and that’s pretty much it, Oh and get away from Desstroyers and Gunlancers, since they can aggro enemies with their skills.

Bosses move a lot, and there isn’t much you can do about it, other than predicting their moves: Lost Ark EU / Deathblade - 1385 iLvl - Velganos solo - YouTube

That’s pretty much how it is with bosses.

Guardians and really big enemies often have forgiving hitboxes for what counts as their ‘back’ but it’s not super consistent one to another. Sometimes the join of a tail counts, on other enemies it won’t.

With Back Attackers, you will learn to pay more attention to the enemy and their movements than your own positioning. You’ll be moving almost constantly to reposition and to get out of danger. Sometimes you’ll choose to stay in an attack mechanic simply to get your big burst skills off while you have the chance. Be careful which attacks will kill you and which will only sting.

On the positive side, nearly all bosses have very consistent animations and ‘tells’ about their next move. Unfortunately, those signals are often subtle and can be hard to see amid all the explosions and your own skill animations.

When getting used to the playstyle I suggest stacking Swiftness and move speed as high as you can get. Also use tripods and skills which contain movement components to gap close and reposition.

With Striker, Moon Flash Kick has a gap closer before the attack, and that skill is great to get you behind an enemy quickly so you can follow up with other skills. You can be decently off at an angle but point your kick to end up behind the boss, and often hit it also.

Smaller movement skills like Storm Dragon Awakening or Lightning Kick let you hop around a bit at a time. If you’re facing the boss’ front and you see it’s winding up a big attack, instead of trying to move or spacebar around you can use Storm Dragon Awakening combo first hop to get to its side, and additional hops to get behind it.