Advice on making gold

Make lots of characters and farm boss rushes, If you don’t have time to play them all actively (chaos dungeons) at least put them in some alt guild, login daily just to press some buttons to donate silver and help with research and buy punika boxes weekly.

I make 30~50k extra gold weekly with gems alone sometimes even more when I’m lucky with drops (the range is big because some weeks I drop 1 boss rush per character, some weeks 2, but I never do more than 2 boss rushes weekly/char)… but that’s by doing chaos dungeons with all of them because they also drop gems, I only play when they have 2 days of bonus stored, doing 28 chaos dungeons daily is not fun (14 characters).

That is crazy[quote=“Jessique, post:22, topic:488528, full:true”]
doing 28 chaos dungeons daily is not fun (14 characters).

I never do so much a day…I got 13 chars…but 4 is only for lopang…do 4 different chars a day.

I was doing that while pushing my chars to 1492,5 (full +20 with 21 weapon), since all 6 are ready already I’m not playing that much anymore.
Besides guild donation, I’m playing with only 2 of my mains per day atm, that’s nice because I will play WoW as well next week.

I agree. It’s in-game RMT. Buying skins or pets and sell in on Auction House is also RMT. Because you use your real money to trade with other players.

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