Aero Enjoyers lets join in peace!

welp im mad and bored and since nothing will bring the ayaya faster i will just make sure to never accept any slayer to any raid just to satisfy my mood. i invite any to join. <3


ya why not, i wait a year for ayaya and this is what we get.


The times of peace are through. We have waited peacfully and patiently for 15 months. Now is the time to grab the pitchforks.

Crying worked for Slayer.
Fire will work for Aeromancer.


Serious question. How have you been waiting 15 months for aeromancer when it released 10 months ago in korea?

Right, she released in June, not January.

Well, 10 months is still far longer than 3 months. Arguement does not lose in power.

Wrong again aeromancer came out in july. At least using your math skills aeromancer will be released in 1 month and not 4

June July… you are making a fuss over something meaningless right now, because you have no arguement against mine.

My arguement still stands strong. We have waited far longer and are getting bend over.


Damn, angry ayayas really scary when they go unhinged
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I’m sad that they delay the release too But I’m more curious to see how this whole thing goes


like what are you even trying to do here ?ya make us more mad you will pay the price at the end so smart. time to start a fire :fire: :fire:

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i happy you got booba good for you . but i can gatekeep if i want to so there is something i can do so … ya gl on your raids or join the yaya fight. :umbrella: :umbrella:

but he doesnt like booba zerker, hes a Aeromancer main, despite never playing the class before, its just the “looks”

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I mean they did change their plans for artist after the artist enjoyers made their feedback heard. Aero people need to do the same. Just keep posting feedback and show that people want to play this class.

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no i dont care that she is a kid i just like the class in general if she was a fire spiting cat With and umbrella i would still play the class.


They changed artist because they were able to do all the changes they needed to ahead of schedule. Much like what i believe is going to happen with aeromancer. Tbey say August to give themselves time. This way if things go wrong they dont have to come here and say aero has been delayed another month

Actually a great plan im going to join in on that.


I dont understand this people are keep saying. What is taking them long to swich these calsses from kr to west? is it the translation? people keep saying “oh they are cencoring, or they are making visual changes” I haven’t seen any changes with the artist that required so much time why ayaya classes require so much time? are they changing their appereance because they look like kid? if so they did a poor job of it artist still looks like a child.

Same thing with artist. Making her skins more appropriate for the western audience. Which can be altering thousands of lines of code. From thrte iy needs to be tested to make sure it work and then deploy itm

Gatekeeping every slayer ever! glad im not the only one and i cant wait to see the 2 iq slayer mains cry here about getting gatekept


almost all of this work is already done as there are barely any (if any at all) skins that are subclass specific but apply to the specialist class as a whole, this has nothing to do with any development reason they just chose not to release it