Aeromancer & Artist NOW!

We want these classes now! Give us both these classes now! Regardless ive quit Lost Ark because of slow bs class releases. We get it, you want to make as much money off as little content as possible. Just release the damn classes with some skins and ill throw my money at you. April is too far away also Aeromancer better come at the same time or i quit this game forever. Will never play or use another amazon game or service ever again. Hmph. :stuck_out_tongue:


They should at least release artist faster so that dedicated support players can actually have a new class in their role to play in 12 monthsโ€ฆ As it is now its gonna be 14 months just playing paladin and bard.

the more posts like this the more they think they are right to hold classes back lol. this is a way to keep you playing