Aeromancer news

any news ab aeromancer release date ?

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After artist, but before Male scrapper.


Probably in between painter, slayer and whatever classes they said they’ll release :sob: :joy:

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Maybe. I made that up.

December, and Slayer in August

That’s just imposible. Female scrapper is already in the game

Thanks i fixed it XD LOL

If it doesn’t come at the same time as artist im uninstalling. Fuck these devs are trash

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You me and the world knows this wont happen. So why do you even bother waiting?

When the Bots all gone

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Best they can do is mid 2023.

Feel free to uninstall now then. I expect autumn at the earliest.
On the other hand burkas should be ready for artist release, so maybe the class will not need “development” and come for summer. Oh, wait… SG will need to make a burkini for that… SO autumn it is.