Aeromancer Petition

This is a petition to get Aeromancer released at the same time as Artist in NA/EU! If you are onboard with this idea, please like the post and leave a comment to help bring it to the devs attention! Yes it is copium and we all know it wont happen, but if we voice our opinions loud enough they will have no choice but to hear us and address the issue. Thank you.


Voice our opinions loud enough wouldn’t change anything because AGS/SG don’t care what we think/want


If they are delaying artist till april they are predicting the game to be dead and new classes to be the only way to bring players back. So there is no way at all aero will come before later 2023. Then again everyone here with a brain is still going crazy wondering why they put artist together with a new raid and guardian like brel hard and ancient gear wouldnt bring people back anyway lol


Most of us will be playing Blue Protocol by then anyways.

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U know that AGS is the Publisher in the West, right :joy:


I mean it makes sense to me to bring out Aeromancer after Artist cause thats how it was done on Korea. But what I don’t get is how Slayer coming before Aeromancer. Now thats just bs. Slayer should come out after Aeromancer as is a brand new class and Aeromancer isn’t.

Yeah and the odds will be that they screw it up somehow and censor things that don’t need to be.

Slayer is not coming out before Aeromancer… Slayer is coming to KR in January, we probably won’t see her until 2024 at current pacing.

If you are refering to this post, your taking it out of context.

or Diablo 4. plenty of games coming out 2023

with this terrible anime graphic no thanks.

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You do realize if both are released at the same time that we can only use an express event on one, right?



The game masters need to understand once and for all that the classes in the game are not the game’s content, they’re just the vehicle we use to consume the available content.


ITs funny how people love to misinform/take things out of context lol
Im talking about the cdaddygrace guy

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Depending on the encounter, I may not may not use Guardian Tune on cool down. If there is a CC ability or high potential damage incoming, I’m more likely to hold it. If I’m low on mana, and the party is otherwise protected from damage, I may opt to skip it and revisit.

Hope this helps!

More likely you need to understand it’s them not you in charge and so they do as they please.
All you can do is either accept that or find yourself another game.

It has already been voiced loudly and we have already got the answer that it won’t happen xD
I’m not on board though. That would mean I could only create (or at least hone) one of them.
I think they should release separately so that we all can hone and gear them properly, if we want to have both. I would be really happy to have it only 2 months after Artist though.