Aeromancer? When?

Roxxxxxxx, when are we getting aeromancer?

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This is the real question, next road map announced when next month maybe? @Roxx

Hello mongbros,

We don’t have any official news at this time but keep an eye out for announcements on our official channels!

Nah skip Aeromancer and go to Slayer first.

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Next year probably, gotta milk those contents

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We’ll probably know once the Summer Roadmap hits and it will tell us to look forward to her in the August update.

summer would be appropriate since it would be one year after korea then but i would like to see female berserk too

I hope the the Aeromancer release will be in june. 3 months after the Artist.
If AGS want to reach KR version of Lost Ark, one of the main things they have to do is to make the classes release faster. Same for the content (Elgacia, Akkan…).

Aeromancer will be my main, but I am not going to w8 till August to play the class I like. I will move to RU if the release is too late.

But, yes… I know their point also.


why should Slayer be released before Aeromancer?

There is no reason.

Classes will come like they did in KR

We had this conversation already.
We don’t need another zerk just because it has boobs.

Slayer is the Berserker, they took everything good from Mayhem&BT and mixed it. It’s the slayer, not accident that almost everybody stopped with BT in KR, because no meaning to play it when you have Slayer.

I want both aero and slayer. i dont care about release order woohoo

they always do good with gender unlock classes. Look at Gunslinger and Deadeye, one is solid and very popular, the other is probably lowest play rate in NA

When? This Summer. :joy:

Are there lots of people who want her? Isn’t she basically a midget sorc?

How dare you talk about my future wife like that!

She’s a woman with an umbrella sword! And she controls the weather.

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