Afk at chaos dungeon

cant warn and kick cause the guy hasn’t move since start

queueing on chaos dungeon is like 50/50 now do something about ppl that afk in chaos dungeon
report is useless cause it wont do anything it wont get them out of that party so that other 3 can do the daily

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best is to not do chaos dungeon matchmaking or this happens.

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Best to run it as solo.

Although it may be easier to run solo, I have shared this issue with the team. Being able to kick these players is needed.

there are still people doing MM for it? ö.ö never done it… its so easy alone tough :o

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i stopped doing mathmaking chaos dungeons because of this reason, ive lost so many of my daily chaos dungeons because of afk people or just trolls.

That’s what you get for playing chaos with a group lmao
Why? Who plays chaos as a group? What are your goals in life?

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whats your point ? they have a feature called warn and kick you want ppl not to use that ?
go solo on chaos dungeon on support without gear conversion

I have both paladin and bard, and I always do solo runs difference is I know how to play the game.

actually, solo chaos with bard and pala is easier than a lot of DPS s