Afk Devs on forum?

I just see a lot of people asking for help in forum an there is no devs to help us.

People with bugs like me Bug Quest "A neccesary procedure" Still stuck since galatur server fall

The last answer in the devs tracker is like 15 hours ago and there is only one Dev @Roxx . in the past they were like 5…

We need support, the amazon agents doesn’t work for anything for the most part of the cases.

Sorry but this it’s true.


Amazon if afk in general, not only on the forum.

I’m waiting since 3 weeks for an answer from the support asking them why I got a warning.


There has only been one comment about the botting in the game, so as far as communication goes they don’t exist.

Its embarrassing how little contact we get from amazon. Its clear they dont give a shit and just bought lost ark to try milk it for money. They thought it would be easy but they are annoyed they have to actually do something like fix the servers so they are taking months to do it.

I am not a fan of Diablo 4 but when that gets released it will crush this game unfortunately.