Afk gold farming stack of bots

Hello, I found an AFK stack of gold farming bots. they just have some script running and spamming cycle of skills.

I tested by killing some of the mobs, no change in pattern of casting, no movement, no response etc.

suspect they are farming these mobs for the adv. tome drops and selling on AH as well as amassing silver to sell I guess, IDK

I captured it with fraps, please let me know how I can get he capture to you so you can review and ban. (hopefully) bots like these ruin the economy.

all toon names are unguilded, white text and nonsensical string of chars.

I have a screen shot and a video, was able to get the 9gb vid down to 137 mb. @ 720p
but can provide raw if need higher res.

not sure if they were caught but they either logged, moved or were banned. if banned tyvm.

fyi, this person is still there every day, every time I check back. I cannot believe this person has not been banned yet.

I had to go back to Loghill for Mokoko Seeds and this place is currently plagued by bots. Just stand there 15 minutes and you will see hundreds of them. All sorceress and berserkers that run as fast as your horse does, with stange names then suddenly disappear to reappear a couple screens later.

It is so obviously bots, I can’t understand how they’re not immediately banned.

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I don’t understand how they are not seeing the same as us, we need to bring back the age of IN-GAME GMs, MMORPGs always had that in the past and it was the best way to moderate this type of stuff and help players and do in game events etc.

i saw also 4 times diffrent locations in 1 hour eu calvasus.They are crashing the game economy by farming adventure tome metrials They making tones of gold and selling them to players .this should be stop somhow.


yep, 100% agreed. driving me nuts on a daily basis.