Afk players solution?

afk players, 5 minutes and kick of game. something is something, i gonna be honest, i was afk 1 hour like him, and i dont understand why we dont get kick.

pd:_ i was afk waiting my friend 15k qeue, and he finally, leave me alone in the dark because he dont wanna join a game he paids 60 buckets for this.


yeah let’s make the afk timer so short that if you watch a long cutscene and don’t immediately spam a button you get a kick - c’mon now get a grip


i think you dont know how works anti-afk. he was afk 1 hour like me.

it’s kinda understandable that people dont want to leave and have to wait in queue all over again.

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Wait that people use anti afk macros or even the IG text macro that works too atm.
Will be exactly like New World.

you are right, but think, the problem have now Amazon, if you have 20k people on 1 server, maybe you have 5k afk, so if you kick them you have 15k and then gonna join again the people want to play + the people was kicked from server, so you have a circle, always on the server gonna be -5k people, and Amazon will have a margin. Amazon needs people stay playing without stay afk, that is a big problem right now.

this requires more attention from the dev/ cm .
There are too many people using macros to stay in game, causing the healthy flow of a queue to just get stuck.