AFK timer - please copy what you did in New World

Suggestion to reduce the AFK timer from 30 mins down to say 10/15 mins to see if it helps queue times?

People are staying in game afk all day to skip queues. Its not fair for those who want to play for example after work.


This doesn’t help it makes it even worse. Was kicked due to this fucking AFK timer. This is no fun anymore!

This would speed queues a lot, but I don’t think anyone is reading these posts.

Autoclicker goes brrrrrr.
I usually will afk about 20-40mins because i dont check que all the time and sitting there just waiting to get in line is boring af.
When there arent any ques sure drop it to 5min idm

Stucking in queue, yeah sitting 3h before the screen looking at the queue? never and then get kicked when through due to inactivity… what the hell are they thinking?

10/15 minutes? Are you kidding? So if I want to go and grab lunch without being kicked out then tough luck? 30 minutes is fine and I hope it stays that way. Personally, I would rather it was longer or just not there at all.

I got kicked earlier today, I went to check the forums because of a problem in game, had a look around, posted about it, went back, had been kicked.

If people are staying in game all day to skip queues then they obviously found a way around the AFK timer and it won’t matter whether it is 30 minutes or 3 minutes.

That’s 30m that could’ve been played by someone else.

If u want to stay ingame, just come back and click somewhere every 10 minutes or so.

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isnt the afk timer thing 60m ? At least thats what I set it to in the settings in game :o

You are missing the bigger picture here. The issue is not people going afk for 30 minutes, the issue is over crowded servers. Taking the AFK timer down is the wrong solution to the problem.

The problem is being fixed, we all know this, so why people keep posting thinking they have they have found a fix I do not know. Just be patient and wait for them to fix the real problem.

Hmm, isn’t there currently an option in game to set that timer to 60 minutes. The OP has a point.

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Maybe a word from Amazon would be nice?!
Is it better to stay on server?
or is it better to leave and login again.
I guess the login is the problem … not the massive count in the servers.

Didn’t realise, mine was on 15min. It still doesn’t make OP right. OP is connecting two things that should not be related. Sure, maybe remove the 60 minute option, it seems a bit excessive but don’t use this to fix the server queue issue because even if it would help, fixing the root of the problem would also help without hindering others by forcing a 10/15 minute AFK timer.

The problem here is a snowball effect, the servers got crowded so people log in and go afk all day making the servers even more crowded. If the server issues were fixed then people would stop going AFK just to safe a slot. Once that happens people would only AFK for legitimate reasons, I mean yeah 60 minutes seems a lot, maybe 30 max would be fine but at the same time, that would not matter if the server issues were sorted.

I’m not concerned either way, but can see the logic in not having a 60 minute AFK timer. I can also see the logic in what you are saying, the root causes also need to be addressed. I think things will settle down in a couple weeks, but that is just my opinion.

I agree that things will settle down in a few weeks which is exactly why I think posts like this are pointless. We just have to be patient and wait for the fix, not just slap a band aid on it.

Well, this is a public forum and the OP is actually making a sane suggestion, unlike many other threads on here. I’m not advocating for it one way or another, but I think they do have a point when you take into account it is an hour long. That is longer than any game I can think of. Agree to disagree.

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In the end it is up to the mods to decide to pass it on or not. I just wanted to point out it is longer that the 30 minutes originally posted.

I guess whether or not I agree with it, you are right and at least it is actually a suggestion, not just another post complaining about something that already has 20 posts.

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The AFK timer setting doesn’t do anything. It’s for the AFK automatic message in-chat and next to your character name.

When queues are big, AFK kick is set to 30 minutes and it ignores the AFK timer setting.