Afkers at PVP Competitive

Since lose and win always give points, a lot of afkers at PVP Competitive now.
They just queue, standing still, and got point.

It is already my 4th times in a single day. Sad life.

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it looks like the afk is in the same server as the opposing player. makes me kinda believe they’re the same person or friends or it’s just random. but i’m mostly thinking it’s the same person so it’s a win/win for him. but still terrible way of doing it.

i get self dced mad people all the time because they dont like the team they got… not only you get a 100% lose you also get destroyed and demoralized 3v2 in your fire pit

Yeah. It happen a lot.
Either got 1 AFK, 1 Semi AFK, or just Leaving…
Much more worse, people just keep ping when they go solo and killed and blamed team…

Life of Bronze :frowning:

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