AFKs are ruining Chaos Dungeon matchmaking

There are more people everyday just AFKing in chaos dungeons to leech all the materials, it’s very frustrating to do the work for them and ruins the whole experience for me. Probably will go solo from now on, I really like to play with a party though.

We need an option to kick vote these parasites, they are killing matchmaking.


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there should be an option to kick party members, but it’s a little (actually very) convoluted.

first all the other party members in the group need to give a warning to the AFK player by CTRL + right clicking their name in the party window.
after that 1 player can start a vote to kick to remove the perpetrator.

however, if there is more then 1 AFK person, you’re out of luck as you need 3 warnings before a vote kick can be initiated.

removing the warning system all together would be a godsent, although I wouldn’t be surprised if in random groups some troll/elitist will just starts a vote kick and the other players just press accept because they’re in the middle of combat or genuinely don’t care.

chaos dungeon is a solo-thing in the first place.


Just because you do it solo doesn’t mean it’s solo content. Absolute trash tier comment.

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Do it solo.


I think 95%+ of the player base is just doing them solo since it’s faster solo and you never have to deal with bots or afk’ers leeching.

At this point, I think the majority of people doing matchmaking for chaos dungeons are bots or afk’ers looking to leech.

Who said that? You?

Well the alternative is whining on this forums about afk. Not sure why you need/want to team up for such a mindless activity.

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