After 700+ hours this is my suggestions

First off, this game has no soul, no heart, no community … this isnt an mmo its a solo game with other solo players. It isn’t what an mmo should be but I guess since we are all in servers together it can technically be called an mmo. I will try to convey some ideas to fix this boring ass game.

  1. Community … It needs to have community, real community not just forcing us to play with random people all the time. Guilds are basically useless, they serve no purpose in this game. They seem to be an after thought for people who already know each other to get in one place but thats as far as it goes. You do not really do anything together. You can do dungeons and guardians every single day if you want but thats done in 30 minutes. You might do a raid or two once in a while. Overall if guilds vanished today no one would really notice much because they dont do anything. You need to make guilds a roster thing not a player thing. Once you join a guild all your alts are in the guild as well. You need to give guild specific tasks like GUILD WARS … fighting for island control for example. Guild specific raids where even if you have done your once weekly raid you can run it with guildmates again with no real benefit to you, but just to help your pals. You need the guild to have a real use and purpose to build a community feeling in the game. You ask any gamer why they play a game for years and its not because the content is so endless and vast … its because they like to go back each day to play with friends. Any game that has a long life has a strong community, not just endless raids and gear.

  2. Purpose … The game has no purpose to it. Its an endless grind to the top and when you get to the top you are much like Forest Gump after crossing America for the 5th time … “I’m feeling kinda tired, think i’ll go home now”. Why are we endlessly grinding to the top? There isn’t anything up there. You need to fix this by having something like a server war. Maybe 2 days a week at 2 different times a day have a server war where everyone meets at some big location. You have 2 factions and everyone picks one side or the other. The gloves are off, none of that stupid harmony crap … if you build a beast then you will be a beast and people will die in mass. If you are weak then you better find a few buddies to gang up with to take on bigger players. Get rid of that stagger/paralyze bull shit … only thing that matters is damage. Even if someone drops a nuke on your head then you can move out of the area to avoid damage from it. This gives the high lvl players less power and the ability to be over taken by numbers because its hard to not die when 5 people are hitting you at once. This allows people to use strategy instead of some stupid game mechanic of combos and juggles. I like to think for myself rather than memorize button combos. The war lasts 25 minutes and kills/deaths are not tallied or shown. We don’t wana shame people for playing the objective … which is gather stone or some other thing. You need some gathering and some killing and some defending … the side that gathers the most after 25 minutes wins. Maybe the winner gets 200 shards and looser gets 125 shards to use to buy in the war store. Beyond wars there should be other reasons to level up. Right now even if you are high lvl all that gets you is the ability to kill lower tier stuff easier which helps you in no way what so ever. My main reason to level up in any game isn’t so I can level some more … its to become a beast. I want to 1 shot everything that crosses my path … Why else get stronger? As it is now even if you are 1400 fighting a 1385 you still spend 10 minutes mindlessly rotating combos and avoiding mechanics. You wana know how quickly that becomes boring? Before I ever finished my first Argos fight I wanted to never do that fight again because its not strategy its just hitting your cues at the right time and hoping the other 7 random people do the same. Once I get to max ilvl I look forward to that fight being exactly the same in every way because ilvl only matters to open content, not to actually make life easier. It will “harmonize” you so you can enjoy that same boring bullshit over and over and over again. After all, you grid to 1400 so you can be nerfed back to 1385 right??? Thats the joy of leveling up … to be nerfed.

  3. PVP … We need pvp that isn’t junk. This game’s pvp is freaking infuriating. Its not a fight, its a which deathblade starts the combo first fight. Thats a REALLY brief explanation of what this pvp is like so don’t go awal trying to tell me how another class can beat deathblade … I know … the point is a Bard can’t fight a deathblade and hope to win unless the skill gap is significant. It always comes down to the fact that some classes are obviously stronger than others … not because of their damage … but mainly because of those stupid stagger combos, knockdowns, and paralyzing skills. Why do they exist exactly? You couldn’t find a way to make a fight fun without one player on his back the whole time? There is no strategy to the pvp its just a memorize combos pvp system and land the first hit. The matchmaking is also a joke as its constantly throwing less experienced people in with more experienced ones. Unless you group up with people you know then its a total random pick. Sometimes you get 3 tier 1 players fighting 3 tier 8 people … I have put in about 10 hours in pvp and honestly I hate it so much. Its not because im bad at it … I aint the best but I generally get more kills than deaths in a match. I hate it cause its like pulling teeth to play it, it isn’t at all fun. I only do it to stay in practice and get rewards to buy mats … it isn’t the least little bit fun at all. I put it off for days at a time because I dislike it so much. Even when I get 6 kills and win the match I don’t enjoy it … its more like a rectal exam, I gotta do it but I really really don’t want to. You need to get rid of the stagger/knockdown/paralyze mechanics in pvp if you want it to be more fun. No one wants to spend 10 minutes waiting to get back up. You wana know how to win at pvp? Use one of 4 meta classes and pick the skills everyone else picks and rotate them in the exact same order as everyone else … sounds like a boat load of fun dont it.

Obviously these are not all gonna sit well with all players. Some people like things just the way they are … but these 3 areas are lacking in such a way that they are driving players away from the game. The honing thing does not bother me in the least … at the end of the day its not a sprint, its an endurance race … Those who whine about failing hones are the ones who whine when they don’t win first place and want a participation trophy. I beat most people with my determination and longevity in games. I don’t race to be at the top as soon as possible … to me its more about the content that keeps me playing. If you make it to easy to get to the top then you just get bored of the game when it runs out of things to do … like now. Adding a reason to play like guilds, friends, wars, good pvp … those things will keep people playing even if honing is 10% chance 2 days a week … I have played games much much harder than this one. This game hands you so much stuff for free its crazy … but its lacking in any real content. I have 700 hours and im bored out of my mind. I use to play 12-16 hours a day but the last week or 2 its been more like 6 hours a day … just enough to lvl my alts a bit. The way this game is going in about a month I will put it down and walk away … might come back in 2 years once its got stuff to do again.

Feel free to agree with me … add to these idea … or roast me to your hearts content … I don’t care as long as it gets attention so the devs look at it.


whoever does reply to this, can u give a tl dr

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Pvp sucks. Db’S seems Like it Took him 700 hours to realize what Kind of game lost ark is or and what ‘endgame’ looks Like.

Little bit of ‘this game is no mmo because almost no Interaction with community’ rant.

Tldr for u: nothing Worth reading.

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Its this level of laziness that makes me hate that I’m forced to play with random players in an MMO … took me 700 hours to form a real opinion cause I like to play a game before I judge it to be lacking in key areas. I couldn’t care less how others feel about my comments or suggestions. I’ve played over 100 MMO and RPG games in my 35+ years of gaming and I know what sucks about this one after getting to the top only to see there isn’t anything here. I spend my days now leveling 7 other alts to get them to the top then I will take a 2 year break while I wait on the game to maybe catch up but I don’t have much hope for it so I will soon likely fizzle out and it will be an occasional play if im bored enough and feel like chatting with others. There are a dozen other MMO’s I love far more but a lot of them are now dead and gone and some have fizzled due to age … so this is what I got now. This game is as close as ive come to a decent MMO in about the last 4 years or so.

I agree till this specific point.

50 guild member slots isn’t enough and as an idea repeating raids or abyss for guild currency would be nice. Something PVE related

All your other points were pvp related which involved p2w gear and get rid off game core mechanics which i hard disagree.

But i agree in the matchmaking being a mess at least

Tldr OP feels there is no community purpose in game and their solutions are:

1- Get rid off stagger and SA mechanics

2- Make guild wars with war currency (p2w pvp)

3- Improve the match making

It started with how the game doesn’t feel like you need a community but switched to pvp in the end

Pretty sure they can try finding a guild with a discord to see how active they are before joining them. Nowadays it is easier to communicate with third party chat rooms like discord instead of talking in game. I had plenty of interaction with randoms though, it just feels the same as any mmorpg really.

Guild wars will happen eventually when Rowen continent comes out. But with how OP is not liking pvp they won’t enjoy the guild war stuff probably. PvP is quite alright when you actually know how to play your class and know how to position yourself. You can’t just face roll the opponent.

Preciate u fam, world needs more good people like u