After 900+ (Edit:1400+) Hours - Feedback and Suggestions (Ongoing)

1. Make emotes in the emote list alphabetized (spelling?) so they’re easy to find for those of us who play with a controller.

2. Give us the ability to filter out completed una’s daily tasks so we can easily choose from a list of dailies that still require maxing out. (You can favorite the 3 you’re working on, yes, but when those are done, it’s like playing whack-a-mole finding new ones that aren’t completed.)

3. Diminishing returns with CC in PvP? I dunno, this might be an unpopular opinion, but getting locked up indefinitely when you’re roll is on cooldown seems a bit much. Some classes are definitely not created equal.

4. The ability to hide ship skins - please please can we make this happen?

5. A fast way to skip dialogue besides just skipping each. and. every. dialogue sentence.

6. Parties joining up into the same channel when switching instances.

7. And for the love of all that is holy, locking who the party leader is so it doesn’t switch to someone else upon leaving a dungeon/event.

8. Playable dwarves. I know this one is a pipe dream, but you have Balthorr in the game already, it can’t seem that far-fetched to make a dwarven destroyer? One can hope.

9. Pheons. I dunno if this is a popular opinion but my god get rid of this crap. And if not, give us an ability to earn them in-game regularly. While I’m thinking about it, keep them in the market too. For example, if I sold something for 10 pheons and someone else had to pay it out, I should receive those pheons. I don’t fully understand the bot situation other than at face value: that it’s a massive, massive problem and there’s got to be a better way of dealing with them besides this system in its current incarnation.

10. Another PvP suggestion: make it so ultimates don’t cost chaos shards during a match. If everything else is segregated, might as well make that separate too.

11. Life skill energy. This needs some serious work in my opinion. I can barely get anything done as it stands with as slow as it regenerates. I’m not asking to remove it entirely, but maybe speeding up the regeneration rate would be fantastic so I’m not waiting two or so days for it to fill back up.

12. Genderless classes - I know, this is a KR game. But why are all the classes, or most of them, gender-locked (or maybe that is the answer: KR game lol)? Maybe I want to play a male sorcerer and not a big-tittied elf? (Saying that out loud makes me wonder why I wouldn’t want to stare at a big-tittied elf when I play.) But I stand by my stance, lol. Give us males, thanks! And dwarves! Ahem. >.>

13. A more advanced way to use the auction house search engine where you can filter by negative rolls, as well as looking for jewelry by more than a single combat stat.

That’s all I got right now, off the top of my head. Loving the game and I appreciate ya’ll. I’d love to hear back from someone to see if any of these are in the pipeline. Cheers!


14. Crystal Benefactor title still resets as “new” with a notification. Might not be a big deal, but it’s killing my OCD, haha. Please fix this!

15. Why do skill books in abyssal dungeons have a minimum bid of 50 gold when they aren’t even worth that amount? Start at 5 gold and go from there. Makes zero sense.

16. Remove the pheon cost on mailling to yourself. Why this is even a thing completely mystifies me. I don’t see how preventing us from mailing to ourselves somehow combats bots.


I plan to write something similar in the near future. Here is my opinion on your points.

  1. This is a good QoL thingy, it’s small, but it’s good to be done, sometimes I scroll like mad to find some emotes…

  2. You can find which one you need from the reputation window and accept it from there.

  3. There is something like this, but it activates when your ass is kicked already, maybe can get some tweek to it.

  4. Yes, please!

  5. Most of the dialogues require you to select some answer, I doubt it’s will be good.

  6. I think it’s fine as it is.

  7. This sounds good. Especially when doing premades…

  8. The game is class based, not race based. I doubt we will get anything like this. Still you can make your human/elf to look like an orc with current AGS customizations. :smiley:

  9. It’s good as it is. It keeps the market in check. KR had big market issues before their implementation.

  10. This sounds like a good idea.

  11. I think it’s good at it is. It can fuck up the market prices. If you need more energy, buy it from the store.

  12. Some are implemented in KR. Dunno when we will get these.

  13. There are some QoL for the market in KR, not sure if all are applied here.

  14. Oh, yea that red dot each time after update.


Nice list and I agree with pretty much every single thing you listed, especially the pheons scam. I’d definitely like emotes to be in alpha order because I use a controller as well and it was so damn annoying when having to do the quests and the insane excess amount of pointless “do this emote in this circle” crap in them. I basically just made the ones that were used in that place be a favourite so my list was smaller.

Now that they thankfully got rid of the horrible virtual keyboard, it probably isn’t as bad since I could just easily type them in with my real keyboard and it’d be faster than trying to use the list.


On the subject of Pheons, I just want consistent implementation of them. Ability stones need to either go to having more than one trade or not cost Pheons.


agree to all

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What exactly was the purpose of these pheons? At face value, all it does is act as a barrier between the player and any sort of shopping on the auction house. I’ve been sitting on less than 20 pheons for nearly a month now. I don’t even recall the last time I bought something on the auction house.

I keep hearing that this change or that change is to help combat the bots… yet I see thousands of them everyday when I take the time to sit in one place and look. So clearly what they’re doing isn’t working and all it appears to be accomplishing is making legit player’s experience negative.


I think this helps against market bots, maybe

In other MMOs ive played, there were bots that would autobuy certain items at x price or below and relist it immediately higher at y price, thus making a flipping profit

With pheons it makes this profit margin smaller, and the botter would have to either sell higher (less net gain after considering the crazy pheon cost)

I cant think of ay other reasoning for against bot so thats my reasoning, not saying if its a good thing or bad

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KR didn’t have bot issues, instead they had tons of market flippers. Here the moment this is removed not only we will have market flippers, we will have also bots trying to get control of rare stuff and making it more expensive. Just make your own research, few simple google searches will answer all your questions.

I will give you some real life example. Medicine in Europe and US, in EU most of the countries regulate the pharmacy market which in our case is pheons, US doesn’t and they have some simple stuff with 10-100 times higher prices. This was the case in KR before pheons and we will have it way worse in the west if removed.

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Very good positive criticisms!

What do people think if we made gear tradable 1x?

I think that would solve the pheon problem. That way bots cant flip it and people will buy what they need and what they think is fair since they only have 1 chance at it.

I would also like to think of a solution for honing. There has to be a way to make it a more rewarding experience than “oh my friend got lucky and 1 tapped it, and i just went to pity, why am i so unlucky?”


Why don’t we just do with this game like any other MMO out there: bind on equip, bind on pickup, etc? I dunno what the answer to this is but I do know one thing: I haven’t been able to buy anything at all so I’ve relied solely on the loot table I roll from my own hauls… and out of hundreds and thousands of pieces of gear, I maybe picked up a couple dozen that were the right rng.

For number 1: Make anything thats in a list able to be sorted alphabetically, be it skills, emotes, collectibles, whatever it is, make it alphabetical.

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Dwarves, yes please.

The biggest QoL I’d like to see implemented is 16. Absolutely no reasonson I should get charged pheons when sending mail to my alts. I get pheons on the market board, but mailing to my alts? For a game that basically pushes alts down your throat, that system makes zero sense.

Unless someone can explain how charging pheons for mail in your roster combats bots.

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Lasst die Pheons bloß drin, sonst machen die Bots den Markt noch kaputter, sie kaufen dann automatisch alles auf was günstig ist, und das ohne Limit. Lasst die Pheons bloß drin

Pheons auf dem Markt cool. Aber nicht in Mail an Alts.

I also take the opportunity to say, make that when I am grouped with a friend, we can make a request to enter a group together (like Argos, Abyss) It’s tiring to have to do an undercover operation every time…

Something I just thought about and figured I’d tack on:

17. Allow us to auto-target party members with the controller. Like, a button you can hit that switches auto-lockon from enemies to friendlies? That’d open up some abilities (like Godsent Law) that would be amazing for a controller. Or even an auto target self button would be amazing. (Unless it’s a thing already? I tested it out and it doesn’t appear to have that feature…)


18. Being able to see everyone’s stats and not just the MVP. How do we know what and how to improve if we can’t even see what we’re contributing?

19. There are a lot of telegraphs that are completely inaccurate and will hit you even if you’re outside the hit zone. I can’t give specifics off the top of my head but I’ll start jotting down notes when I notice it and slap them on here.

20. Better and easier ways to reporting. Specifically, why do we have to type out a small essay? Reporting a bot for botting or a gold seller is pretty self-explanatory, I didn’t realize I needed to write a thesis for someone on the other end to understand what I’m reporting someone for when the dropdown menu does that for me. You guys are clearly losing the battle with bots, so at least make it less painful for us legit players to notify you of their existence.


21. Guild Bank. Unless I’m crazy and blind, we don’t have one (for dropping off things like collectibles, etc - maybe not gear because of the inherent design of the game). I can’t believe I’m just now thinking of this one.

  1. Can we get more than two runs a week per roster for the Chaos Line dungeon? Maybe two per character similar to Anguished Isle? That’d be greaaaat. And get me those TPS reports while you’re at it. (Am I mistaken? Is it per character? Because so far I’ve completed Southern Vern on a couple toons and the quest for Tokens of Protection has only popped up for the first character to complete it.)

Edit: Nevermind, it appears as though you can only buy stuff from this exchange shop one time ever. So for anyone else that might have been confused by it, there’s your answer!

NEW 22. Are we going to get some form of transmog system (for lack of a better term) where we can pick and choose our looks other than the crappy and silly skins currently available (my personal opinion)? If you really want to make some money off this game, give those of us who appreciate aesthetics something to throw our wallet at. Furry costumes isn’t gonna cut it.