After Brel/winter events will we have a month or two of qol updates?

It feels like a good time to pause new content in favor of hardening for a month or two. There is so much to do. Brel will have just come out, people will have summoners and reapers to level, Many are still working on their rosters and would benefit from a chance to catch up to current content. Housing just came out and many are trophy hunting. This would be a great time to work on qol like the servers or bots or bugs. Then we can move on to the next content wave after everything stable again.

We’ll have a roadmap towards the end of December looking into the first few months of next year, but the content cadence will indeed look a bit different next year as we continue to move ahead and get closer to “catching up” to KR.


we’re 2 years behind KR and you’re looking for a slower release cadence!!


I don’t think Different has to mean slower, it just means different, We will see with the roadmap.

@Roxx Thanks for the reply.

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Get your act together and fix the connection issues FIRST.

Brel should not be released with the online game in this state. Not a single person is looking forward to the hell that the DC issues will be causing in the static raids. And most will remember this as the raid that killed Lost Ark for good.


idk but i wouldnt mind content faster xD
i got bored of clown in like 3 weeks, gonna be same for brel
next 3 class doesnt interest me at all either
and getting “roster ready” is just boring af

im only waiting for female zerk, hope its gonna be cool, but if its not or if it comes too late then im probably gonna get bored of the game

there are many other things to do next year

qol never really interested me, and nobody rly cares about it either in my guild as i noticed, most ppl have atleast 3-6 char and slowly getting bored of nothing to do

i d also like to see a lot more skins, like release atleast 5-10 different ones at once
not 1 and a recolor lol


She said before “enjoy the monthly updates because soon it won’t be that way”. It’s obvious what she meant by different here, I am honestly setting my expectations low and expecting Artist by Summer.

is this refering to raid release or class release?

We are a bit over 1 year behind. NM Abrelshud came out around August/September 2021 IIRC. And yes, slowing the cadence a little bit is helpful, as people will need time to make their full Abrelshud relic set, especially those who won’t do all 6 gates at once. With the release of NM Abrelshud, the next major content that is unreleased is the hard mode, Elgacia with its abyss dungeon and Illyakan.

There are far more pressing issues with the game on NA/EU which have to be resolved with priority. We will catch up with KR eventually, as they had to wait a long ass time between HM Abrelshud and Elgacia.

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People will complain regardless :P. I agree that a slower pace will help players invest on their rosters cause higher Brel tier gear is pretty hard to build on a full roster.

Hopefully that doesnt mean delayed Artist/Aeromancer

Just throw more free shit at us to catch up faster lol i wouldnt mind some gem boost and more leggo card packs for los

Greater leaps prz

I’m so close to 1500 and I’ve had a bad streak of hones :frowning:

Rushed things break faster!

Fuck QoL. Artist in January please?

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do you mean that we will be getting content faster or slower?

I do concur

Can you explain that a bit? Pause what, and why?

On full roster? What exactly do you mean. You mean having brel gear on all of your roster, which is rather crazy thing to want relatively fast?

Or do you think having 6 characters is a disadvantage to reach brel ilvl? Which again doesn’t seem to make sense to me, since I would think most active players have 4-6 characters at least and many have over 6.

And we have it because the game is built around having lots of alts and farming lots of mats and gold with those alts, to advance one or few of those chars higher. It’s not an option, it’s nearly a requirement.

I guess it depends if they want Global to catch up with KR next year or not.

If they want us to catch up by the end of 2023 then that means Brel HM in 2 months and Akkan in summer. I guess the next roadmap will make that more clear.

unless they give us super cracked eventshops with improved honing rate we get brehl hm in March and akkan in September or later.