After creating a character, hoping to take the Story Express

hello, so i made a new character, and used the punika express on the character and expected to use the story express and hyper express on the character but i guess i can’t do that because i already used the punika express

so i was wondering how i can use the story express on my new character or do i have to make a new character again just to get it?

character name is Minicola

Hey, good morning.
The Story Express can only be used on a character that hasn’t done Rethramis story yet. (The one you start at level 10, right after picking your class). I think any character beyond that is locked out.


You need a fresh character. You can then do the story express with that character, but you play through the whole story line with it to get the rewards … you don’t skip anything, you just get extra benefits for leveling that new character “normally”.

I think the event is a bit confusing to a lot of people because “story express” suggests “speed past the story”, but it’s the opposite of that. You play the story normally and get extra rewards. Plus, I think it’s confusing that there are so many different kinds of “express” – it just confuses players by giving things very similar names.

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Hey there @Cocacola

As @Rraven mentions, only characters that have not yet completed the ‘On the Border’ quest from Rethamis can become a designated Story Express character. To obtain the Story Express rewards you need to manually complete the story quests since quests skipped with Powerpasses or Knowledge transfer will not give any rewards. You can find a bit more info about the Story Express in our release notes for this update:

See you in Arkesia!

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