After Galatur Fix, No Main Quest Line

This happened to me too!!! :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

same here, anyone know a fix?

Storyline quest is gone for me as well - haven’t figured out a fix.

I should have waited until this game went free to play. I’m getting close to wanting a refund

this is also the case for me, its so incredibly upsetting that i sat on twitter waiting for a response/update and no response after like 4 or so hours about the Galatur maintenance, and then after that when the server came back online I see the entire chat spamming about how none of them have the main quest anymore including myself. I wasted part of my free time waiting on maintenance just for the game to be ruined when the server came back online. I paid money to play this game early when in reality a fraction of the time I haven’t been able to play at all lol. Lets see if this even gets fixed before public release. Laughable at how bad this has been so far, and the fact that they kept everyone in the dark on twitter about the maintenance and main quest issue is even more embarassing. I’d love to see this game do a 180 and be a good experience. But so far it has been far from that.

Seems they are aware of the issue

Same here. No main quest line.
IgN: Magiceh

Same here
IGN: Bubuu

Same. I just logged in an I have NO quests anymore?

Same Here
IGN: Dominikus
Server: Galatur (OFC)

Same thing happened to my main. Now I have to play ALTs already :frowning:

I’m practically soft locked. This is sad. I hopped on today hoping to grind but realized I was unable. I then proceed to log off for over 5 to 6 hours to go do other things then i log back on at 10:30 pm and my quest is still gone. If this is unfixed by the time the full game launches for everyone many individuals will be unable to play with their friends. Galatur is a joke and in the best case of this situation I would like a server transfer as to never have to deal with potential game breaking issues such as this ever again.

IGN: Godussop
Server: Galatur (Self-explanatory)

Same issue…
IGN: Ultrasaiyan

I spent all day speed leveling an alt to the exact main quest in which I believe to have lost my progress. I referenced my completed questline on my main and it was ‘Pirates on the Island’. Swapped back to my main once I knew the exact location for the quest chain in case it wasn’t showing on the map however I couldn’t even select the NPC. Apparently even knowing exactly who to talk to doesn’t fix it, in case people were wondering. :confused:

Submitted a ticket earlier today and all I was given was a generic “we know and we will email you once we have an answer”

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After the fix and update, my friends main story quest is still glitched lmfao. Amazon Games needs to drop this game and let someone else take over.

There are still a lot of upset people on the Galatur server whose main characters are still dead in the water and can’t progress because they have no quests and can’t pickup any quests. We have put in tickets and nobody is doing anything. It’s been 2 days now that we haven’t been able to play at all. This is horrible business!!!

Hey all just wanted to put this here so people know. Sail to another continent such as Arthetine and start that story questline until they fix your bugged quest for ex my quest was bugged for Anikka, I then sailed to Arthetine and was able to that continents quests.

Well then I’m sorry I cant help you with that. :frowning: This was the only fix that I knew of.

I am having this issue as well. I opened another ticket in the amazon system, not sure how that works.

No main quest line. Not sure what to do or how to keep playing this char. Working on alts in the meantime.

Server: Galatur
IGN: Alustrielle

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