After getting banned for the 2nd time here is my feedback

I’ve got 3 tier 3 characters and 3 tier 2 characters and got 710 hours of play time and quitting the game for good. Here is my review;

Mentally beyblade

Video language is not english but oh well, hate is a common language.


See ya!

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doesnt the game have a feature to make skins untradeable for a period of time? those refunders are so stupid

You have 710 hours of play time on a game that’s been out for a game that came out on February 8th? 710 hours is 29.58 days. February 8th was 35 days ago. You have played for 20 1/2 hours a day for over a month? I’m sorry, but if anyone has probably been using 3rd party tools to “enhance” their playtime efficiency, it would be you. Sorry if I don’t believe that you’re legit.

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Not an airport, dont need to announce your departure, along with, NO ONE CARES.


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Greetings adventures

I do appreciate the time taken to make these reports and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

There are no words to describe how frustrating this can be for y’all, this case has been already addressed to the corresponding team, we do acknowledge the mistake and I do apologize for all type of inconveniences and problems this issue may caused you without mention the bad experience you have gone through.

In the meantime I encourage you to slide to either one of these threads and follow the steps given:

https:// Respond here if you got 3 day suspension for "Cheating" - #211 by aePixie

https:// Roxx, please save us from this unfair auto-suspension - #439 by Roxx

Patience is a virtue, regards,

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

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At least give it a few days to allow amazon to address the problem. I am pretty sure they are aware of the problem, and they have so many issues going on with such a small team. This isn’t an excuse and I am waiting on a public announcement as well. Since I was one of the suspended as well. I rarely play now because of the paranoid mindset this has developed but we should give them a few days.

Hello again adventures!

Here’s a latest respond from our CM:

https:// Respond here if you got 3 day suspension for "Cheating" - #327 by Roxx

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: