After last maintenance game is unplayable ! PLEASE FIX!

Hi as one of many thousands affected players by stupid error and kicking us from game with error every 30ish minutes G0X9-SPELPWP1P2NT we could at least relog and get back to game it was annoying but playable. But since today maintenance its different story


So i started in nice queue


Spend there nice 6-8 hours then logged in played a little and get error above G0X9 but since today maintenance we cannot log in back right away and i get this error until i get back to queue

Now in all attempts to start the game


And i will get eventually put back to queue and then i get queue wait time and rince and repeat !!! This is terrible i cannot decribe the level of frustration please give us feedback anything how to fix/workaround this - THIS IS NOT related to our device or anything i followed with tech support and in chat all possible suggestion they gave - in NONE other mmo game i never had such errors issue - I did all from reinstals drivers and even more i gave logs and dxdiag and still no response from begging of headstart and instead of issue getting fixed we got it now evolved to higeher lvl

Character - Alizeepls
Server - Thirain
Steam - SilhanG
I am one of content creators and streamers i literally cant continue streaming or playing because mostly what i show is error and me being frustrated hoping to log back to game