After mainteinance hoverboard deleted

before 2h maineinance i had a hoverboard to claim, but the system wasnt working. logged back in after mainteinance and hoverboard is missing from the store, not in eq, not in universal storage, cant ride it, cant reclaim it my character is Bdmeerkat on neria server


Same here! Character: Hippoh, Server: Sceptrum

Same here

Same. Tried to claim a hoverboard, but the system just showed a message that “response too slow, try later”. Logged in today and a hoverboard is gone. Character - Koulgrim. Server - Zinnervale.

Same here…
Character : Miyonnaise - Server : Inanna

Same here, i got both the pet rewards from twitch and tried to claim them, it didn’t work. Logged back in a day later and they are gone.
Character: Sugarmcgey
Server: Wei

me too
Character: Vikboss
Server: Wei


Same issue here too
character: Beeporn
Server: Procyon

Same Server Kadan character Holygato

Same here…
Character: Kámeha
Server: Zinnervale

please daddy jeff can i have a hoverboard please ill work for it