After maintenance no longer able to do main story quest

I was playing before maintenance the other day and after I came back to play the next day I no longer have a quest anymore. There is a icon to continue through the map but have done everything I can think of to try to get it to reset. I am in The Giants Forest. I remember the last quest I did was release the stone giants from chains and when up to get the next portal please help!!

Server: Galatur
Character: Chungzhoa
Location: Tortoyk Island

Hello @meredith.wehrle

Welcome to the forums i hope you are enjoying the game during this few days!
Apologize for this inconvenience. Lets try to workaround your issue to bring the quests back!

Currently you should have active the stage 4 of the “Follow the Map” quest on Forest of Giants. If you are not able to see the quest in the little quest window at the right of the screen you can try to open your Quest Journal by pressin the letter J, if you find the quest there you can mark it to keep track on it and also locate the objetives.

If this basic fix does not work i would recomend to contact Chat Support for further investigation!

Hope this helps hero!