After Patch Lost Character .... also "cannot create" now

I lost my character after the patch :frowning: I was almost lvl 30. Ladon server says cannot create since its one that’s full but I can’t get in with the char I already had there. It says I don’t have any char there now

  • Update: 5:40PM EST Server selection is down now upon reopening game (assuming rollback) …waits again. These are not the droids you are looking for, there was never a good news banner :stuck_out_tongue: Here

  • Update: 5:57PM EST per dev, “We have confirmed that no characters created during Head Start are missing or have been deleted. All characters created will be present upon login once the game is back up and running.” Here

  • Update: Back up 7pm ish

Hopefully it went down fast enough that new characters didnt steal our names since those servers affected were “cannot create” status


Same issue… Can we get a response on this??


SAME on una. Level 50

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Same on galatur level 50 @Roxx

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Same, my character lost and can’t create new on Zinnervale…

me and all my friends have the same issue on Zinnervale. Cannot acces the server even tho we have characters there

Yep, just lost my character that had my founders pack tied to it

wasn’t mad at the downtime, this I will be mad about

The same hera. I lost 3 toons and I cant creat any new one… Great job Amazon! Realy well done…

Same all my stuff gone!!!

My characters are gone on Wei and Slen as well, so seems like a global issue

My character is gone! :broken_heart:

My beautiful bard is gone. :sob:

lmao - 6 characters on Mari. I can has play now?

@Roxx :frowning:

Same - I am on Galatur with a level 19 char, says I cannot create more characters.

same problem here trixion server

Characters are gone…

So there are a handful of servers with no one on them and they are locked. Good job.
Please, for the love of whatever deity you believe in, hire some people with talent and experience. Someone lied on their resume.

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same here wtf

I’m on Kadan: Cannot create new character. I had one there before :stuck_out_tongue:

same i was on Zinnervale and now it says u cant create any more charakters but i just want to continue to play my sorceress :frowning: