After the New Region Announcement, re-open sales for Founder's Packs

I think it would be a good idea to let people purchase a new set of Founder’s packs so that they can finally play the game.

Unfortunately people with a day time job were not be able to play much or at all, and probably won’t be able to play for many weeks.

But I and my friends, and many others, are not going to move to a new server… after we claimed our packs…I understand that you cannot give new founders for free, but please let people purchase them again for limited amount of time.

Please consider also that, in order to really reduce queue times you need people that already stabilized in the servers to move to other servers. And It’s hard to achieve because most of these people are losing money and time-progress doing so.

We need at least a way to repurchase the founder’s packs…

This is the only way I, and many others, will be able to play in the coming weeks I think…