After Update game only starts main menu sound but no game

Hoping someone here can help me solve this.

Ive been playing lost ark since release without any problems. But today after i updated the game whenever i start the game. I can hear the sound, the birds and even that my mouse goes over the options ingame but the game itself wont show.

At the bottom the lost ark icon is there and when i click it i get the lost ark mouse icon but thats it nothing else happens. The only thing i get is the sound.

I have tryed playing other games and everything else works perfectly on my computer.

Any suggestions or tips?

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Same problem here

Hi @Maxineal and @animalis515

Hope you doing great!

Iā€™m very sorry for the issue after update your are having.

Please try to check the integrity of the game files with Steam.

Here is the steps to do it.

If the issue persist once you have try this steps, please contact our live support in order to keep helping you with a ticket to the Devs team in order to investigate further this issue and help you.

Here is the link to contact live support channel:

Hope this information help you! :wolf: