After watching LOA


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Why are you bothering. None of it is relevant to our scuffed regions. There was litterly a message saying it’s KR exclusive, this is pure cope.


Ofc they need to say it cuz NA Brain is like this

they gona think its comming soon to west thats why the reminder xD


Exactly this! LOL

thats the only reason they said its “KLOA Only”. They needed to make it clear that NA will not get this yet, but its not to say that it wont come.

Every other giveaway has always come through into other versions as well, both RU and JP get giveaways all the time.

Just gotta wait around a yearish imo, Elgasia needs to come :smiley:

wait what are we missing?

Shh shh …
Don’t look into it and we can live as if we’re missing nothing.

maan this loa event was so cool.

i wonder what scuffed version of what weve seen are we gonna get.

Aeromancer release 2024

We will see nothing of this if you folk not stop playing this eu/na shit. Just stop playing and u get all classes and events next mounth.