After watching many Vykas and Kakul Saydon guide videos on youtube, I have decided to quit the game

Lost Ark was fun while it lasted. From a new player stand point where I’ve never even heard of this game up until AGS brought it over to NA/EU, I was fortunate enough to experience over 700 hours of game play thus far achieving 1430 item level playing casually, with only 1 alt at early T3.

Reason to quit after watching Vykas and Clown

  • Undeniably legion raids are fun, Challenging and exciting content that will keep many players going for a very long time, I am sure. But, only speaking on behalf of myself, I don’t have any friends that I am playing with. I am not in an “endgame” active guild. Having just got through pugging Valtan after many wipes, insane dedication and brain power, watching raids like Vykas, Kakul, and Brelshaza just made me bang my forehead against the damn keyboard, as these raids make Valtan look like an absolute joke. Pugging Legion raids in general is going to be an insane nightmare that no one would want to go through.

Let’s not forget the main reason why we play this game. The main reason why we play this game(or any game for that matter), is to have fun. I don’t wanna have to constantly watch guides before every raid I do just so I don’t end up griefing the party, or piss off those who play the game 18 hours a day and take the game seriously because they have nothing else better to do. I don’t feel like getting 1 shotted by badly designed game mechanics, or get killed by nonexistent hitboxes because Smilegate doesn’t know how to make a proper raid. I’m sorry but 1 shot mechanics doesn’t equate to good game design, and never has. Party finder doesn’t get you much luck either, unless you’re able to get lucky with a group that’s generous enough to take anyone in who’ve met minimum requirement with mid engravings.

Unless they decide to nerf legion raids, which is highly unlikely, matchmaking or even using party finder, pugging them is going to be an intense nightmare. I don’t have the time or dedication to look for a hardcore raiding guild. Or spend 10 hours a day watching guides and studying the mechanics of the damn raid like a midterm or final. I am very aware of that myself. So the only way for me to progress is largely depending on pugging with randoms.

So in the end, I’ve decided to quit… My time for this game is finally up. If any of you guys are F2P, that is fine, but it’s going to be a constant wipe fest filled with toxicity and elitism.
Game was fun while it lasted.


so unless im wrong somebody can verify every legion raid we have gotten has actually been the nerfed version from KR , and we will get the nerf brel as well.

Now as far as the guild thing what server are you one or region ? there is always a guild that has the same mind set as you that is just chill and wants to play their own pace

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Can I have your stuff before you leave?


our legion raids are the nerfed versions that KR has already. sry dude, actually a git gud situation here. cause these legion raids are made to be able to be completed in the weekly time frame given, even kakul raid can be completed in around 30mins if you are skill enough.

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I’d suggest you try those raids before deciding, but that’s up to you. If you’re truly not having fun then quit. It’s not for everyone, and that’s OK.


Game’s not for everyone. If nothing here interests you, then bye.


Why not? Join the Lost Ark Discord, guilds recruit all the time. Whether you want a guild of sweaties or chill people who don’t mind taking their time progging raids, there’s no reason why you can’t find friends or a guild other than you haven’t really tried.

I hate to break it to you, but the raids we get are already nerfed pretty hard from their original versions. You nerf content too hard, it becomes bland, boring, and unengaging because it is way too easy.

Also, it should be noted that everybody has to prog. You can watch guides until your eyes bleed but you won’t get comfortable with the raid until you get in there and do it. Just because you know Valtan’s patterns like the back of your hand doesn’t mean everyone else does and someone else in your party may not be comfortable with the fight yet. If you don’t have the patience for that, find a guild and do content with guild mates.

It’s entirely your decision, but there’s a much easier and better solution for your problem than quitting the game, you just don’t want it…

this game then just isnt for you.

the mech in vykas isnt hard, and on normal you can even cheese it with timestops.

clown is harder yes, but you have trial clown which is super easy where you can train a bit before going to normal one.

because valtan is a joke. as for Vykas it’s very sad how G1 and G2 are punishable more than G3. how could last Gate be so easy? same for Valtan… G1 is tougher and more punishable than G2 which is the last point. very bad design tbh and valtan is just like a training dummy compared to Vykas / Clown / Brel.

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valtan is the most fun and balanced raid
its not that hard yet it punish you if you make a mistake… you are not 100% screwed if someone made a tiny mistake

unlike in vykas with tons of mech that wipe or deal huge damage for a tiny misplacement
the raids are fine but they are too mech heavy and punishing for others mistakes…

but yeah the worst part is guardians/chaos dailies… i aint doing this crap anymore

well yeah you don’t really rely on your team in valtan considering you can even solo it when he go berserk. your mission is just to stay alive and use thirain when it’s available and voila! you carried. but in Vykas / Clown since that’s what we have right now? nope. you cannot do any of that alone. and if anyone die early that’s just an instant restart. valtan on the other hand well… no one cares if someone dies cause it’s doable anyways. that’s why i call valtan a training dummy compared to the rest of the raids.

Lmao filtered.

Seriously though they’re not hard at all they’re pretty much on farm now. Video once or twice then cheatsheet by your side until you can remember everything without it and just doing the raid a few times is all it takes.

Good luck in your next game and make sure to donate your gold and gems to the needful


“pugging them is going to be an intense nightmare”


Again, that’s like taking a midterm. And that’s not fun.


i get you want to experience it like a completely new player but sadly our region is not doing that unless you find ppl that want to do the same experience, most ppl are reading cheat sheets and just having to learn how to apply that information ingame

Imagine getting filtered by Kakul before even playing it.


Well maybe for you… the only thing I had written down for Vykas were:

Red Blue Green White Black

P: 0-1-2
R: 2-1-0

120 bars purple pool

Obviously it’s not necessary to write down everything like stagger checks. You will notice when there is stagger check😀Not judging if it is too complicated for you tho just I think you are overestimating the difficulty and challange of these raids, especially normal mode. Or underestimating midterms.

Legion Raids are muscle memory. Stressful to learn and then once you have it down you crush them.

They are not challenging, they do not need to be nerfed. It’s just learning the patterns the boss does and then learning the environmental hazards / 1-shot mechanics.

Now, with PF I agree it’s a toxic gatekeepers swamp. However, if you do Legion Raids with friends / guildmates they are honestly very fun to learn.

I wish they were a bit harder to be honest. The main reason I couldn’t park my alts at 1430 or 1445 is because how braindead Vykas normal is. Hard mode is not much better but at least I have to dodge.

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I wish I can be like you people, but I guess my brain is just not wired to play games like this lmao.

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