After watching the LOA ON 22' Winter

After watching the LOA ON 22’ Winter I feel both sad and happy about the future of Lost Ark.

Why Sad? Because we will never experience the great communication and feedback the developers have with the korean community and thus truly enjoy and feel part of the natural flow of the game.

I’m writing this because I’ve went back to see what was suggested from the players outside korea and 99% of the player suggestions never really addressed from the start in NA/EU.

Remember that Ship hide suggestions ? " Thanks for your feedback i will pass it to team" !

Remember some feedback you made 10 months ago? Yeah it’s still being “passed on to the team”

What I’m trying to say here is that we will never experience the true Lost Ark and will be playing a shadow of a game and in general be treated like a 2nd or 3rd player base.

For example you can see that the Korean developers share live statistics from their game, this event they shared Legion raid kill stats, player death stats, and deathless for each raid…Showed stats for horizontal content and players with 200+ roster level ad other stats.

Can you even imagine AGS sharing something like this on our version ? yeah me neither

-What is left for us outside Korea?

Amazon Game Studios.

“Thanks for your feedback. We hear you and will pass this to the team” - 2022/02/11


That is exactly what I criticized in the recent survey. Korea has this huge stream twice a year. Where they show the upcoming roadmap and a trailer or information panel for everything on it with exact dates, not vague things like “mid june”. They also go over what went bad since last LOA:ON and what they want to do to fix it.

And then the second part with the Q&A where they go over player questions is something we can only dream of…

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I have similar feelings.
The game, Lost Ark is a fantastic game with many feature what raise the game to the TOP MMO’s.

But the Amazon/AGS is horrible. They succesfully stepped on the road what kill the game in the world’s west part.

  • I dont want to believe that they still dont fixed the dc problems.
  • They give false bans to users
  • They tell that support is nice, they check cases, but in real they dont do anything, at forum you will get different statements and informations than at support.
  • They dont care about real bot users
  • They kill the early game and new players does not come.

I love the Lost Ark, i loved the LOA ON WINTER, but I am 100% sure that in this way the game will get close earlier than these updates comes for us.

It was really nice and sad when i have seen that in Korea how they nice with players and the attitude was A+

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? they didnt answer anything important and dodged most good questions lol


It’s obvious they don’t care about any other region besides KR.

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Mr. Krabs' "I Like Money" | Know Your Meme

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meanwhile AGS and CM too busy making changes that nobody ask for, lie, then have their 5th vacations for this quarter instead of communicate anything important to the players

People who watch LOAON and think it was great communication is hilarious.

YOU all did not watch the same LOAON as I did.


Exactly my thoughts and feelings! Ty for this I hope you’ll get more upvotes. If I could give you a award I would instantly do

So, any tldr on whatever announced in loaon ?

on the ones that say the event was meh, exacly ! It was not even that great but we we don’t even have a of portion of that

Lol it might not have been a “good” LOA:ON like in the old days but it is still a million times better than the semiquartal blog post we get…

We keep grasping at straws to get any actual people to talk with us about the game and not get prepared copy-paste bs every time that don’t help at all.

Meaning things like this:
We never hear back if or how that feedback was received. Just radio silence…

The stream roxx did with stoopz is a good start but we need to get questions from everyone in, not stoopz’ bubble only. Still shocking that it seems people working for AGS actually didn’t know what lost ark was before starting to work on promoting/supporting it and barely play the game while the actual people that develop the game play it regularly and thus see what problems the players are experiencing.

Expecting them to mention the western version was just foolish the game has been out in russia and japan for years and they have never mentioned them either, the other versions are just a cash grap to fund the Kr version and even they cant do a great job at that, our feedback falls on deaf ear because they simply do not care. This is how not to run an mmo 101 and were just funding it. I still play and will play but loa on was just more despair.

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Thank you guys for great suggestions… “I will forward this to the team”. Trust me we hear you… :rofl:

After Loa on 2022 - it got pretty clear that SG is not focusing on improving the game where it actually needs right now. Running in an outdated Unreal engine with horrendously bad optimization explains why this game is a sweat shop favorite right now.

Lost Ark has zero future. It will milk the FOMO whales for 2 more yeas and than shut down. Pretty much the Korean formula by now.

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Seriously, what is the OP talking about. Go over to Inven they are pissed that most of their complaints weren’t addressed and the ones that were had super vague answers

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the game will die before souleater come

True, absolute worse LOA on in a while. They just told us what we knew with the exception of souleater, male scrapper, the kazeros raid, and maybe some other things I forgot. Completely ignored burn out and overwhelming homework, new-player experience, inflation, and other core structural issues.

Yea you probably watched the bootleg version, stop being el cheapo :rofl:

i just love this. sums up everything did team did so far