After what went down last patch, are you sure it's a good idea to have so many things included in 1 patch?

For the 28th update we should be getting server merges (never done before in KR), a new Abyss Raid (clown) and a “new” advanced class (Scouter), which sounded great until what happened last patch (yesterday), where the game was down for a full day for a patch with QoL, bugfixes and no new content… So maybe splitting the 28th patch in 2 or 3 updates would be a good idea.

I don’t even know why new classes are released the same day as new endgame content to begin with, but it would be awesome to have at least 1 week to level up Scouter before clown.

Or just do the server merge 1 week before/after clown and scouter, idk.

Yesterday’s maintenance also added some pre work for the next patch, not just the qol stuff etc

I believe they added some kuku things behind but if this idea became true the priority order should be

Server merge > Kuku > Scouter

I agree that merge should take priority, but releasing a class before a new raid makes much more sense than doing it the other way around.

My best bet is the backend stuff in prep for server merge made things doodoo. This is probably the reason why server transfer is not normalized in KR

Theyve done large updates with no issues… actually it tends to be the smaller seemingly less important updates that tend to have issues.

Patch size isn’t always the determining factor to how things go – for example, some of our smoothest monthly updates have been more sizable. Unfortunately this patch was a sort of “base” build to help us prep for the end of the month server merges, which meant there was a lot of tricky background prep work happening as a part of this


Its my favorite when people think they know what they are talking about with game programming and patches.

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Considering this patch had a 15 gig download, odds are we already have all the files for those things.

Yeah lul :joy:

It’s like saying… “wouldn’t it be smarter to fly your airplane a little bit lower to decrease the chances of a crash” :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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As long as things goes smoothly for Scouter I’m fine, it’s just that this patch made a lot of things “go boom” and got me worried about the next steps.

Server merges could cause general instabilities, so i wouldnt relax yet. But seeing how long the maintenance was yesterday id assume majority of the work is done so 28th shouldnt be too rough.

Generally speaking tho most patch releases had been fine.